Eurovets Veterin Supplier L.L.C (Constitution)
State: KY
Political Party: Constitution
Occupation: Warehouse
Gender: Male
Website: https://www.eurovetsworld.com
About Eurovets Veterin Supplier L.L.C:
Eurovets is a trustworthy name for animal suppliers in the UAE that is also popular for its vast variety of services provided to the local market. Whether it be a research center, a clinic, farms or private residences, our company delivers each and every item in its perfect condition by the logistics department. Other than this, Eurovets does not only deal in wholesale veterinary supplies but also offer marketing, management, organizing informative seminars, and technical support like maintenance to the businesses all across the UAE. Our stock of supplies includes animal food, dental equipment, cleaner, disinfectants, surgical instruments, X-ray, and imaging.
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