Cicero Leather (Undecided)
State: CA
Political Party: Undecided
Occupation: Leather Wallet For Men
Gender: Male
Marital Status: single
Website: https://ciceroleather.com/
About Cicero Leather:
LUXURY WITHIN GRASP Ė HANDMADE LEATHER WALLETS Cicero Leather is a family of leathersmiths who love to create handmade leather products. The inspiration of our products comes from the values we stand for As designers and manufacturers the best handmade menís leather wallets, we believe that our values lie in our responsibility to offer customers the highest quality and luxurious designed products at the most affordable prices. Our products set out to break the traditional luxury mark-ups while retaining its high quality. These are the values we will strive to pursue to create the best products. All of our leather goods are made using premium smooth calf leather. Our designs include traditional handmade menís leather wallets, handmade leather wallets, front pocket wallets and menís bifold wallet. Every item we make is a unique, one of a kind masterpiece. The number one difference that sets Cicero Leather high above their competition, we make wallets because we love making people smile. ENJOY COMPLIMENTARY STANDARD FREE SHIPPING IN THE UNITED STATE OF AMERICA
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