Mary Anderson (Republican)
State: IL
Political Party: Republican
Religion: Christianity
Occupation: Doctor
Education: Higher Education
Gender: Female
Marital Status: married
Website: http://www.lokmed.pl/
About Mary Anderson:
Welcome! I live in Bronx - the greatest location in the world. It is located in Bronx county, NY. I work in New Pak Fish Market (the registered company name is Pak Kiyon) at 28 W Burnside Ave. I truly love my place of employment - it's a cool store with 1200 square feet surface. It works as a type JAC, according to the license 702652. If you want to look for me in more unusual way, enjoy the specific coordinates: 40.85379170200048 latitude, -73.90868371799962 longitude. Gracias for checking up my profile!
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