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Senator Ted Cruz (R)
Location: Texas
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://www.cruz.senate.gov/
Rating: 86%
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Foreign Policy
Adam Yale Posted 6 years ago
Iran has openly stated the desire to destroy both the US and Israel, is there any hope the sanctions that the President wants or a negotiated deal will solve this problem and last, do you see Iran with a nuclear weapon as the greatest threat facing our Nation now?
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Senator Ted Cruz Posted 6 years ago
VIDEO RESPONSE: Senator Ted Cruz responds to TellDC user question from Adam about Iran and the threat it poses to the US and Israel.

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Sharin Lite Posted 6 years ago
I believe that good a portion of RINO's are Progressive aka marxists. The philosophy of "tikkun olam" has come to us from the European Jews who hoped to found a society that was equal, 100%, in all things. Didn't help them with any country during WWII including America. But, Progressives found it an excellent tool to get the masses behind them, i.e., every one in America not white! Today's "protests" are just one result. What can conservatives do to overcome the bias and hatred expressed not only by the progs aka dems, but rinos too!
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Homeland Security
Patricia de Haerne Posted 6 years ago
I am asking as many of this countries elected officials who are willing to be on record with their stance on the current "created Crisis".
En mass border invasion. After hearing the 2001 volcano excuse and more. The 2008 reason is being settled on. Fine but if these youth are fleeing here, not from a 2001 volcano, not unrest. But now gangs, gangs violence. As far as I know gangs and violent ones at that are active and very violent right here in America, let alone throughout South America.

Where have these youth been fleeing to for the previous 6 years? PRT1
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Patricia de Haerne Posted 6 years ago
Until Obama took it upon himself to thwart most of our LEGAL immigration laws, we have never experienced this coordinated(?) government sanctioned violation of our laws.
Can you assure us citizens that we are not simply extending even aiding those violent gangs. These young men for the most part fit the age and description of potential if not already members.

Who is making sure we are not importing active gang members into our communities?
Thank you,
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P Scott Posted 6 years ago
Are you encouraging gun manufacturers to relocate to Texas?

I feel any and all manufacturers who are being put out of business because of stricter gun laws should be welcomed, with open arms, to our state.
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James Cooksey Posted 6 years ago
Senator, I posted this on my Facebook page tonight:
I heard Ted Cruz on Mark Levine's radio show tonight... He was saying the same things that we have been saying for a couple of years now about Obama's lawlessness and unconstitutional Executive Orders....
My question to Senator Cruz; So why aren't you doing something about it? Why have you not filed charges against him for fraud, at the very least, and treason, which is the truth?
I have sent this comment directly to Senator Cruz.... Please follow suit!
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Ellen Ball Posted 6 years ago
I agree. If you think laws are broken and you do nothing about it you are an aider and abetter. Which is worse to break the law or to know that it is being broken and not bring it to the courts.
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Mary Vaughn Posted 7 years ago
Don't back down Sen. Cruz! we are depending on you!
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Homeland Security
James Cooksey Posted 7 years ago
If you do NOT do your job, you won't have a country to do your job in. Also, if you don't do something about what's happening, then you are no better than the traitors that are doing it.
Impeach Obama now!
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T.M. Smith Posted 7 years ago
How much is 16.7 trillion dollars?
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Betty H Posted 7 years ago
About $7 Trillion (big number) more than it was 6 years ago. How is the government blowing our money to this level on an ongoing basis and telling us it's ok.
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SK Griffin Posted 7 years ago
Just want to congratulate you on the great job you are doing for the American people! We appreciate the hard work and sacrifices you make.
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Health Care
Mary Vaughn Posted 7 years ago
Thank you sen. Cruz. You,sen. Lee and a handful of others finally have our backs! Obama-care is nothing more than a bait and switch perpetrated by the biggest slight of hand artists in the world. We are sick and angry for being taken as fools. We know what's going on and we applaud you for trying to make a difference.
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