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Senator Sherrod Brown (D)
Location: Ohio
Affiliation: Democrat
Website: http://brown.senate.gov/
Rating: 50%
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Energy & Environment
bernard Peters Posted 7 years ago
do you support the new fuel standards that will increase the percentage of bio fuel that must be sold in the U.S each year until 2022 ?? Do you think these new standards will cause a large increase in fuel costs tor both gasoline and deisel in the U.S.?????
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Ross Willson Posted 7 years ago
Senator Brown,
Please stand firm, do NOT allow Senator Reid to change the rules of the Senate. I would suggest that Filibuster is needed to prove the point and prevent Senator Reid, from using his "Nuclear Option. The rules of Senate must be maintained they have worked for hundreds of years, if this action is allowed The Senate at some point may become irrelevant.
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Mell Bishop Posted 9 years ago
Would you support a bill or constitutional amendment to require Congress to make no bill which excludes members of Congress from the requirements of the law as it pertains to the general public, and no bill which extends rights to the members of Congress which are not extended to the general public?
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Brian Murphy Posted 9 years ago
Would you support term limits - so we won't have life time career politicians?
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bonnie moss Posted 9 years ago
I absolutely believe in term limits. I believe these jobs should be temporary. This helps Congress to better relate to life outside the beltway bubble. History has reminded us over and over again that power corrupts. The longer our representatives are in DC, the more cronyism with power develops. These people need to get back to the people they claim to represent. If they do a good job in DC, why can't they still do a good job back home after 2 terms?
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Lesli Bourbonais Posted 9 years ago
I absolutely support term limits for Congress. I think there should be a petition put out nationally for 'the people' to sign to get it put on the ballot. The members of Congress would never support it. Heck, what would they do if it passed and they were out of a job? Most probably couldn't go back to their previous professsions as they have been out of their chosen fields for too long. Powere to the People!
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Burt Y. Posted 9 years ago
You'll have to start a rehab program for them if they are required to come out of the royal treatment they are getting. Maybe that's the solution to creating jobs. A national network of centers providing lessons in "real-life" for ex-politicians!
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Mandy Munro Posted 9 years ago
I certainly believe we should have term limits. Our countries founders never meant for Congress or the House of Representatives to be life time careers. Further more, I believe our leaders should live with the same policies they vote into law for the average American citizen has, such as health care.
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Tonna Bouillion Posted 9 years ago
I think this is a great idea! Right now we have no reasonable terms for wellfare recipients and have grown a generation of freeloaders that think we taxpayers owe them a living. Just like in Washington...we've allowed them to hang on to their jobs too long and they have become lazy and corrupt. Two terms is it.
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Child Advocacy
Posted 9 years ago
Need to create Caylee's Law
To state a parent must report a child missing within 12 hours or even less if not then the parent can be charged with a felony.
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DRM Posted 9 years ago
Do you think it is financially responsible to vote for a bill that allows this President to spend another $1 TRILLION dollars in the next 6 months considering it is all borrowed money and all goes to increase our National Debt and then claim it as a victory for the American people?
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dale Posted 10 years ago
I hope you vote no on Kagan
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