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Senator Roy Blunt (R)
Location: Missouri
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://blunt.senate.gov/public/
Rating: 96%
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Homeland Security
jerry lockhart Posted 5 years ago
cant - cant do anything- instead of bringing all these people over here, why dont they go over there and just start rebuilding, it would be cheaper and safteyer for america, and what is the reason to take guns away from americans, Control?......is our goverment so bad they need to make sure they can control us, I think many in goverment have forgoten -why they are there,
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Alfred Hopper Posted 7 years ago
Lower the cost of living. Everything is costing more and money is buying much less. A dollar does not buy much any more. What are you doing about this? We need help now.
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wayne schlichter Posted 7 years ago
My Grandfather says he can remember with a dollar was worth a dollar and gas was 20 cents a gallon. Now, for some reason the have turned around.
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Homeland Security
James Cookey Posted 9 years ago
Why has Obama not been impeached? He is a fraud and possibly a Muslim simpathizer. He is a criminal.
Click the link and then respond:
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Terry Drake Posted 9 years ago
The only thing I do NOT like about Speaker Boehners Bill is the fact they want to cut Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare. These are NOT entitlements. They were paid for by working poeple like myself. The Government mismanaged those funds. They robbed Peter to pay Paul and now they want to put that burden on the people.I am in favor of cutting entitelments to the President, Vice president and members of Congress both past and present. Pay them what they are worth. I have been out of work for over 10 months. I can not pay my bills either. Cut, Cap and Balance.
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wayne schlichter Posted 9 years ago
I would like to know what you are doing about the high energy cost and unemployment. Gas cost have risden out of this world and yet you people in Congress just sit there and let the oil companies make a killing. You know the oil companies are ripping everybody off so the senior people can retire with 40+ million dollars packages. Why don't you all put a stop to this? Also, withb the economy is the shape that it is in, Why don't you oppose Congressional pay raises instead of voting for them? The taxpayers can't afford you people with so many out of work. YOUR SUPPOSE TO BE WORKING FOR US.
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Diana Rose Posted 9 years ago
Millions of Americans want Planned Parenthood defunded. Obama and the Dems were willing to shut down the fed gov instead of defunding the largest abortion provider in the US. WHY are we allowing Obama to defund comm health centers that truly provide health care for the poor - that do NOT perform abortions and continue to use our tax $$s to fund abortions at PP?
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Marie Gentosi Posted 9 years ago
As a Catholic and mother who volunteers at centers for the needy I am sickened by the lack of effective support that our nation provides to these types of programs.
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Foreign Policy
T H Posted 9 years ago
Senator Blunt - Please do not support any military involvement in Lybia. The Europeans and the Arab states need to pick up the slack here and foot the bill for a change.
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