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Senator Robert Menendez (D)
Location: New Jersey
Affiliation: Democrat
Website: http://menendez.senate.gov/
Rating: 40%
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James Cookey Posted 7 years ago
You need to resign and go home!
This is what is thought about your vote on attacking Syria:
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Brenda Bammann Posted 7 years ago
5~Election of 2014...YOU DON'T HAVE MY VOTE
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Seniors & Social Security
Jerry Cooke Posted 7 years ago
Who is going to fight for the Senior citizens who has not had a COLA for three years? Many Senior Citizens like myself and my wife made personal and financial decisions based on the current program. We have used all our savings and now having to make ends meet by using our funeral money. Our house is falling down around us as we can't afford to keep up with the repairs. I have complained by writing articles in the local paper and writing to senators and represenatives. we live on Social security alone! The Obama Administration and congress are cowards and bullies for what they have done.
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Richard Murry Posted 8 years ago
Senator Menendez. You want to raise taxes on corporations so they can pay their fair share. All they do is pass the tax increase along to the general public in the form of increased prices so the corporate tax increase is nothing but another tax increase on the American Public and we already pay enough taxes. You dems have tunnel vision when it comes to fixing problems.
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Bob G of Iowa Posted 9 years ago
Typical democrat logic. You have to replace the money you're taking away from us, in new taxes, so we can continue to spend your money! Maybe all the elected officials in Washington need to contribute their salaries and perks, they voted for themselves without the taxpayers approval, to cutting the deficit. Or since they're all failures in running the Peoples Government they should either resign or not run for reelection in 2010.
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Gerald Foster Posted 9 years ago
Will you support the Fair Tax to get rid of all the tax loopholes?
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Diane KeenanRadtke Posted 9 years ago
Keep going after American companies, and they will be taking ALL their business overseas. Then we will have more people out of work, on welfare, on the streets when they lose their homes, but you, Senator, and rest of your cronies, as well as Congress, will be allowed to continue your benefits from being a "public servant", yet will not have to contribute to Social Security. Why don't you and the rest of "the gang" stop giving yourselves pay hikes when you do nothing for us ... the American People. Just scraping the tip of this VERY BIG ICEBERG!
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Sandi Martin Posted 9 years ago
Who do you think is going to pay for those tax hikes you want for corporations? Stockholders who are ordinary people and those who use the product that corporation produces. That affects ALL of us, including the poor and middle class, not the wealthy you seem to want to punish.
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Fiscal Responsibility
marnold1966 Posted 9 years ago
America is telling you that tax increases are OUT! Considering that the majority of Americans will forget more than you will ever know about fiscal policy and the National Debt, you would be wise to listen. November, 2012 isn't that far away and you're not very popular with the voters. Just saying.
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Greg Damms Posted 9 years ago
Senator; you are very quick to want to cut the profits of U.S. companies which are owned for the most part by ordinary people (stockholders). How about Congress taking a pay cut, going under Obama Care? or cutting your outrageous retirement benefits?
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Bobby Blount Posted 9 years ago
How about all politicians going back under social security and the military retirement and health care plan. While in office you have to use a military hospital or Tricare (if you can find some doctor that will accept Tricare). You must spend 20 years in office to qualify for 1/2 pay and be subject to recall (Since you are not subject to military recall and receive such a high salary, recommend that the retirement be reduce to 1/8 but not more than 1/4). Do you think any of your are worth more than our military personnel Retired CW3!
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