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Senator Robert P. Casey (D)
Location: Pennsylvania
Affiliation: Democrat
Website: http://casey.senate.gov/
Rating: 57%
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Louis TitaJr. Posted 7 years ago
Where is our C.I.A, or F.B.I.? How can there be so many scandals going on at once? Get our experts, to dig into this Prez financial records, like they did to the mobsters, and had them locked up. Things are getting way outta hand.
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Health Care
Jeff Mattero Posted 8 years ago
Although I know this comment will fall on deaf ears, I would like you to consider voting YES on the repeal of Obamacare. This is a far too costly new entitlement program. The government has NEVER had a successful entitlement program. Please use some common sense and vote to REPEAL this law. I will be watching your vote (if allowed to come up) and will be sure to vote against you, and work for your opposition in the next election if you do not vote to repeal. I just wish our supposed "Representatives" would vote COMMON SENSE rather than party affiliation.
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Mary Vaughn Posted 8 years ago

Please vote NO on the Seabed Treaty!! Don't give away what little country "we the people" have left! This will be forever.....no turning back!
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Health Care
Mary Vaughn Posted 8 years ago
If IPAB passes, and a senior citizen comes into the emergency room in the middle of the night, then a board of non medical elites will determine what care they should have. No board is going to want to meet in the middle of the night.
How is this different from death panels?
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Gerry Elman Posted 9 years ago
I see that you've introduced the cloture vote on the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act. Would you support Sen. Tester's letter of 7/29/2011 to Sen. Leahy urging that the Senate hold firm on its position against diversion of patent office user fees as passed in its overwhelming vote in support of S.23? If the Senate instead were to rubber-stamp H.R. 1249 as currently worded by the House, would that not be a dreadful backslide from what the Senate previously adopted?
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Bob McGinnis Posted 9 years ago
I agree with Gerry, the Senate should adequately fund the patent office as the Senate vote in March on S.23 said. The Senate should not rationalize the bill as a job creator. The bill kills jobs, see

Huffington Post "Patent reform's job-creation abilities, however, are largely limited to K Street." http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/08/15/obamas-jobs-agenda_n_927325.html#s308357&title=Pass_Patent_Reform

This bill is a give away to large multinationals and Wall Street banks at the expense of smaller American companies that create jobs.
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Mary Vaughn Posted 9 years ago
I may not see eye to eye with you but you stayed and listened to what they had to say about syria and for that i commend you. That was your job. Others had prior commitments and left...therefore NOT doing their job. Integrity means doing the right thing even when no one is watching....Thank you!
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Jamie Bilezikjian Posted 9 years ago
Mary, I watched to and feel like you do. We need examples of dedication like this now so there's some hope that they care.
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steveschol Posted 9 years ago
Do you like your job? Keep up this voting record and you will be golfing with spector soon. As of this time I'm working to vote you out. Its up to you to change my vote by changing yours.
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Fiscal Responsibility
justin Posted 9 years ago
Senator Casey: Stop the crazy spending in Washington! Vote to cut 2011 spending by the largest amount possible! The lack of a budget in 2011 is disgraceful! Shame on the Democrats! Live within your means like the rest of us!

Cut your salaries and cut the entitlement programs, of which I am a recipient. I love America and it's future more than myself!
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Energy & Environment
Sharin Posted 9 years ago
Say no to EPA, please.
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Mike Smith Posted 10 years ago
What is more important to you, the passage of new laws promoted by the Party that may cost more money and be a larger burden on Citizens like me, or your constituents and the fight they are waging just to stay afloat in these trying economic times?
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