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Senator Orrin G. Hatch (R)
Location: Utah
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://hatch.senate.gov/
Rating: 76%
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Health Care
MARSHA SHERMAN Posted 7 years ago
defund ObamaCare
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MARSHA SHERMAN Posted 7 years ago
Why in the world are we focusing on the Middle East again & it's people when we have wounded & deceased VETS? My heart aches for the cruelties imposed on those people. However, my heart aches MORE for our VETS! The US needs to focus on meeting the needs of our VETS who have already fought, died, and have been disabled because of the Middle East. Unless the US is in direct threat of harm, leave their business to them and PAY ATTENTION to our VETS and meet THEIR NEEDS FIRST. Not send more to die and become injured and then brushing them aside when the US has no more use for them!!!
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Ross Willson Posted 8 years ago
Senator Hatch,

Kill HR 4646 the 1% banking transaction fee, (ha! I say TAX)
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JAMES SMITH Posted 8 years ago
Will you vote to secure the Mexican border ?.
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Fiscal Responsibility
Hugh Beyeler Posted 8 years ago
Do not cut Social Security or Medicare. Why not cut the pay and benefits of all Congress persons who have voted for spending on so many things beyond the income of our nation? What a pitiful example of our gov't spending beyond it's means! And don't try to fix it at the expense of long-working older citizens.
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Fiscal Responsibility
TC Sheppard Posted 9 years ago
Fiscal Responsibility sounds wonderful! What would happen if EVERY citizen were to follow "Washington's" example of fiscal responsibility--spending beyond their ability to repay? The only thing that prevents mass bankruptcy and chaos from sea to shining sea is that there are citizens who really understand the principles of Fiscal Responsibility and live within their means! PLEASE STAND FIRM! If we don't, the day may come when our countries Name and Reputation will no longer support "printing more money" to cover our needs.
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TellDC News Posted 9 years ago
7/16/11 - Sen. Orrin Hatch Delivers Weekly GOP Address on a Balanced Budget Amendment

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Health Care
Al Palfreyman Posted 9 years ago
I want to know how Obama can steal $500 million from Social Security or Medicare to give to people who didn't earn it?

Years ago money was taken from these funds and never paid back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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