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Senator Mark Warner (D)
Location: Virginia
Affiliation: Democrat
Website: http://warner.senate.gov
Rating: 54%
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Theodore Ouimette Posted 6 years ago
Why are you not stopping the illegal anti-Constitutional actions by your president and party concerning illegal changes to ACA perpetrated by the criminal in office? Congress has to amend law not cronies in a backroom.
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Health Care
Ross Willson Posted 7 years ago
Obamacare Oppps!

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Bill Peabs Posted 7 years ago
Do you support raising the fed worker retirement age to 62...?
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Fiscal Responsibility
Ross Willson Posted 7 years ago
Go Ahead
I would let the Government shut down and then watch Reid and Pelosi try to explain it since the Democratically Controlled Senate has failed to produce a Federal Budget in over 2 years.
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Fiscal Responsibility
Donnette Leonard Posted 9 years ago
Where exactly do you stand on raising the debt ceilng and/or raising taxes on the rich? And why?
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Fiscal Responsibility
GRG Posted 9 years ago
Will you vote for Ryan's budget?
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Dee Posted 9 years ago
Enough is enough with spending our money on whatever someone in Congress decides is a good cause. I do not want my money spent on women who continue to have babies to stay at home, I do not want to pay for Planned Parenthood, I do not want to pay for all the "social" programs, I am done with my money going to support someone else when EVERYONE is capable of getting a job! When does the abuse of our money stop?
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GRG Posted 9 years ago
When is Congress going to get serious about STOPPING ILLEGAL ALIENS from coming into the country. What has happen to the money that was vote on to build the fence? Is obama and the Democrats lining this illegals up to vote Democratic? Stop all monies to illegal aliens what do you think of that plan?
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Bryant Posted 9 years ago
Please be our representative and not a 'tool' for political party and corporate sponsors. This would prevent stupid transparent ploys like the recent plan to funnel citizens money to insurance companies made worse by thier well documented abuses and glibbly label the whole thing a health plan.
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S. 3194
crr33 Posted 10 years ago
Dear Senator Warner,

I am curious as to what your position is regarding this proposed bill?
I would greatly appreciate it if you would vote against it every time it comes up for a vote.
Yours sincerely,
Charles R. Robins, III
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