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Senator Lindsey Graham (R)
Location: South Carolina
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://lgraham.senate.gov/
Rating: 74%
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Energy & Environment
John DeFazio Posted 5 years ago
Regarding the Keystone pipeline; Where do you stand on this issue and why?
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Senator Lindsey Graham Posted 5 years ago
VIDEO RESPONSE: Sen. Graham explains why not building the Keystone Pipeline is stupid.

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snugglehall Posted 5 years ago
Can you explain to me why I have to report all income (including spouse) to try and get help on medications that I HAVE to have. I need a roof over my head too. I have to pay utilities, food, gas and docs. They don't want to know what you pay out. Why? My SS check isn't much and haven't had a raise in 2 years but necissities keep getting higher. We need to put GOD back in our country and prayer back in school.
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froggigger Posted 5 years ago
I would like to know why are the american people always having to cut back on our spending and health care trying to make ends meet when you so called leaders keep getting pay raises and better health care coverage.
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Daniel Glenn Posted 5 years ago
Again, Retirees and future Retirees' pay is being placed on the cutting table
floor. The Va's are not fully staffed. Thanks to this Administration and the Senate in General, they have shown they have a distain for the men/women
in uniform. The Military is at the bottom of the ladder (until they are needed.)
With the MONIES wasted between the Administration and the Senate-there
wouldn't be any problems with Medicare, SS, and Veterans issues. Bush was DAMNED for Vacations/golf. But nothing is said about all the Vacations and golfing this Pres. has done.
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Dede Myers Posted 5 years ago
I am sick of the disregard for our Vets and the way they are at the end of the line compared to the bailouts and wasteful renewable energy waste. When will Congress get their act together and actually take care of the people who take care and protect us?
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aml7160 Posted 5 years ago
Please do not vote to increase the debt limit.
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