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Senator Kay Hagan (D)
Location: North Carolina
Affiliation: Democrat
Website: http://hagan.senate.gov/
Rating: 37%
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Michael Ellington Posted 7 years ago
Why don't you do something about education in nc instead of letting washington dictate what our teachers can teach, or don't you even care ?? I say you are there for the money and nothing else .
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Foreign Policy
Dwight Thompson Posted 7 years ago
I have no doubt that you will be sensible and not support Obama in his quest to gp to war in Syria. We should never stoop to doing Al Quedas fighting. They are murderous scum and we all know that. My Question is am I right in believing that you will not offer support for this lunacy? Not 1 bullet not 1 cruise missile be fired in support of these hooligans. We the People of the United States of America are speaking will you listen?
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Fiscal Responsibility
Polly Fields Posted 7 years ago
What is your proposal for the debt you as representatives have amassed? Your voting record would indicate whatever the party decides. As a North Carolinian I must state that your record and policies fail to represent our values and policies. Hopefully next election year we will change that.
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Foreign Policy
Joshua Amundson Posted 8 years ago
Why did you vote NAY to Bill (S. 3576 ) and decide to give more money we don't have to a govenment whose people kill our ambassadors and want to kill more Americans?
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lou Posted 8 years ago
Why do you think you have to be a "yes" person for Obama? You would be better liked and respected if you were for the American People.
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charlie gallman Posted 9 years ago
when do you think that president obama will allow you to stop being a yes person for his anti american polices ?? you have shamefully misrepresented the people of north carolina and i hope you never get another nights sleep you and mr obama have broken the back of the business world in this state . how does it feel to know that NC has changed your first name to veto.. yours in disgust ,,, charlie v gallman sr.
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Wandalou Posted 9 years ago
Where do you stand on immigration? Do you think the illegals should be sent back to their countries so Americans will have jobs? Do you think they should be allowed to draw out the Social Security that Americans have worked hard to invest in?
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Virginia Calello Posted 9 years ago
This latest budget proposal is a scheme. It will basically raise the debt ceiling and the spending will just continue...as usual! Are there no true patriots up on that hill? Our nation is in TROUBLE! People have fought and died for this country, but you guys cannot be trusted to properly use a sharp pencil! Please, get serious about cutting spending. Obama and the Dems are posturing for the 2012 election, and you will give them fodder to WIN if you do not stand up to their bullying, temper tantrum in refusing to respond to the needs of the country. Truly cut, cap and balance!
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Fiscal Responsibility
Virginia Calello Posted 9 years ago
Please support Cut, Cap, and Balance. We cannot continue to spend more than we take in and we CANNOT continue to raise the ceiling year after year. I have to balance my household budget, and I expect my government to do the same. We will lose the triple A rating if we do not Cut, Cap and Balance. Vote Yes!
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