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Senator Joni Ernst (R)
Location: Iowa
Affiliation: Republican
Rating: 42%
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Homeland Security
James Cooksey Posted 6 years ago
You can respond to jamcoenterprises@yahoo.com if you have the guts.
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Seniors & Social Security
Rick Naylor Posted 9 years ago
Tom when are you people going to stop referring to Social Security(SS) as an entitlement!! We pay takes for both medicare and SS taxes as part of our pay each paycheck!! You spend it like it was monopoly money. There is suppose to be a Trust Fund, and the full faith an credit of the US Gov. We you guys have destroyed that and have gone as far as saying "No Problem, Let our Credit Rating go to hell, it does not mean a think. Well it does mean something to Americans who work for their money and get shit on for not being rich enough not to need to borrow. Get to work or we will VOTE YOU OUT !!!
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kathyhansen85 Posted 9 years ago
How is this helping the seniors, we do not get that much to begin with.
Social Security

Congress will not allow an increase in the social security COLA (cost of living adjustment). However, the per person monthly Medicare insurance premium will be increased from the 2009 premium of $96.40 to $104.20 in 2010, $120.20 for the year 2011 and yearly increases thereafter to a wonderful $247.00 in 2014. And that will be deducted from your social security payments.

Congress also gave THEMSELVES a $3,000 a month Cost of Living Adjustment!

Send this to all seniors that you know.



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Fiscal Responsibility
Bill Jr Posted 9 years ago
Do you really think a $6 billion dollar cut is anything but an insult to the intelligence of the voter?
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Seniors & Social Security
kathyhansen85 Posted 9 years ago
I would like to know where you stand on cutting social security, and why would you want to act the older generation. We have paid into this from the time we started working, the same with medicare. Try living on what most senior live on, plus senior have to pay for medical, and medicine.
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Kristy Smeltzer Posted 10 years ago
Senator, I have a way for you to survive the Health Care trap that you are walking into. Here's the plan. Reduce the plan to enact it in just one state. Run it the way it is written for 24 months in your State and then after it has been proven to do what it is being promoted to do take it Nationwide! Would you be willing to do this?
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chrisabs Posted 10 years ago

You must be aware the American people are not happy about the runaway spending being supported by both Republicans and Democrats. I for one will not support this behavior due to the fact I, and most of my family and friends don't have the ability to write checks we don't have cash to cover. This is simple math to a normal person like me but I am starting to wonder if there's a different way of adding back in DC?

Senator DeMint sponsored a spending reduction package this week with two items our Elected Officials need to agree to:

1. Ban congressional earmarks for at least one year so lawmakers can begin to break their addiction to pork-barrel spending.

2. Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution forcing Congress to balance the federal budget each year.

Will you support these two solutions that I think are the key first step in solving our problems. Come on now, deep down you don't think that spending even more money is going to help us do you?
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