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Senator John Hoeven (R)
Location: North Dakota
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://hoeven.senate.gov/
Rating: 65%
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Energy & Environment
AlexaS Posted 3 years ago
How do you respond to all of the issues environmentalists have with the Keystone XL pipeline?
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Vic Gibons Posted 3 years ago
There are NONE, all this is contrived BUNK by the left, there are already MANY pipelines running all across this country, doing no harm other than ticking off all the Liberals who simply want this country to go the rest of the way down the drain that Obama has already begun draining. I guess we should all go back to the stone age, like our enemies, Obama's brethren live in the Middle east.
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Vance Daddi Posted 3 years ago
Senator, who conducted the five studies you cite? I would challenge their conclusion. The original Keystone pipeline had fourteen significant spills in the first twelve months of operation; not environmentally friendly. Additionally, if the tar sand isn't brought through the pipeline, it in all likelihood will not touch U.S. soil but will go to tankers straight to China, or India; but certainly not here. The tar sand oil is not destined for the U.S. market. Therefore, I would like you to explain the benefit of the Keystone XL to the U.S. consumer.

Thank you,
Vance Daddi
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Senator John Hoeven Posted 3 years ago
VIDEO RESPONSE: Senator Hoeven responds to the environmental concerns about completing the Keystone pipeline.

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Energy & Environment
Lou Barnett Posted 5 years ago
Is coal still a valuable and important energy source?
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Carlin Horger Posted 5 years ago
Yes it is. Wind and solar can only accomplish so much. The people of the United states are being punished by the regulations pushed by the President and the EPA. The President, supposedly so worried about the "Poor to middle class" who will not be able to heat their homes if all of these regulations are enacted.
To throw something else out there the enviornmentalists are pushing to remove dams that help generate electricity to save fish. Enough already.
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Senator John Hoeven Posted 5 years ago
VIDEO: Sen. Hoeven explains his ideas about American energy policy and his plan to utilize domestic resources and address climate change issues.

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