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Senator Jerry Moran (R)
Location: Kansas
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://moran.senate.gov/
Rating: 70%
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Seniors & Social Security
Robert Jourdan Posted 7 years ago
Jerry: Iam very disappointed with you people in Washington that the debt ceiling has not been solved. If you and all the politicians in Washington was under out Social Security and Medicare Plan you would get these solved very quickly. This Congress has to go down in history as the worst bunch of people that can't solve anything. Haven't you ever heard of bi-partisianship. Tell that to Big John the Speaker of the House. Iam a native Ohioan and I hate to admit Big John is from my native state.
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rick davis Posted 9 years ago
Why do keep a.llowing the oil companies to bleed the American people dry? We are going to work so we can pay for the fuel to go to work. What's wrong with that pcture? Thefuel prices are going to put the economy straight in the toilet before you know it. I'm buying nothing but necessities and numerous Americans are doing the same. We hired you guys to fix this problem so I suggest you get busy!! You can be fired!
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krdexter Posted 9 years ago
Why arent you on social security like us? Why do you receive youe salary the rest of your life?
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Kristy Smeltzer Posted 10 years ago
Are you going to come out strong against the trial of terrorists by the Justice Department and not kept in the State Department? I think it is a typical bad move but I have not seen you do anything to speak out against it! Will you?
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chrisabs Posted 10 years ago
Candidate for Senator Moran,

You must be aware the American people are not happy about the runaway spending being supported by both Republicans and Democrats. I for one will not support this behavior due to the fact I, and most of my family and friends don't have the ability to write checks we don't have cash to cover. This is simple math to a normal person like me but I am starting to wonder if there's a different way of adding back in DC?

Senator DeMint sponsored a spending reduction package this week with two items our Elected Officials need to agree to:

1. Ban congressional earmarks for at least one year so lawmakers can begin to break their addiction to pork-barrel spending.

2. Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution forcing Congress to balance the federal budget each year.

Will you support these two solutions that I think are the key first step in solving our problems. Come on now, deep down you don't think that spending even more money is going to help us do you?
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