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Senator Jeff Merkley (D)
Location: Oregon
Affiliation: Democrat
Website: http://www.jeffmerkley.com/in...
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Health Care
Steven Bellant Posted 6 years ago
I challenge you to cancel your government provided medical platinum plan and voluntarily purchase an Obama Care Gold plan using the chart for your income bracket. Your personal cost will be so very small compared to the political power that such a small sacrifice will gain.

P.S. thank you for showing my parents around your office in D.C.

Steven Bellant
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Priscilla Posted 6 years ago
It seems to me the job of being a "servant of the people" has now become a self-serving position. I know many of the actions of our politicians are well meaning but watching from a distance when the economy and things that people like myself have to deal with are ignored or swept under the rug. I think it's simple if the politicians stick to the following rule.

Whatever law or regulation you write or enact or promote - you the politician needs to live by and within it also. No more insider trading, no more special healthcare, no more double standards - PERIOD!
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SuzieJeanne Posted 8 years ago
What is with the new passport form that I may or may not have to fill out? The form number is DS-5513. I think it stinks to high heaven!
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Mike Smith Posted 9 years ago
What is more important to you, the passage of new laws promoted by the Party that may cost more money and be a larger burden on Citizens like me, or your constituents and the fight they are waging just to stay afloat in these trying economic times?
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