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Senator Gary Peters (D)
Location: Michigan
Affiliation: Democrat
Rating: 54%
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Health Care
Michael Dziuban Posted 6 years ago
As my Senator why did Obama Care need to be pushed through, without understanding its implication. Winston Churchill talking about the British Government, said both parties were against sitting down and discussing, and compromising. Negotiation was not over gaining a half of loaf of bread, it was gaining the whole loaf where there was no compromising. Why is our government identical to the British where compromising is not allowed. It needs to start with only one person from each party coming together. This would be like a miracle happening looking for a government for the people.
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Homeland Security
James Cooksey Posted 6 years ago
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Barbara Adrianson Posted 9 years ago
PLEASE, Senator Levin, DO NOT raise th debt ceilng!! PLEASE, cut federal spending! We, the people, are telling you 'it must be done', for America to survive!
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Mrs. Culter Posted 9 years ago
You were a congressman when I was little and you still are. The reason I can remember you is that my father often commented about you not representing the general public back then. I see that this is still true after 40 years. You need to stand up and do the right thing about the military getting paid, education, and seniors. In a real world, when a person doesn't do their job-they get fired.
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Health Care
Gregg Posted 9 years ago
Stop it Stop it Stop it
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Kristy Smeltzer Posted 10 years ago
Senator, I have a way for you to survive the Health Care trap that you are walking into. Here's the plan. Reduce the plan to enact it in just one state. Run it the way it is written for 24 months in your State and then after it has been proven to do what it is being promoted to do take it Nationwide! Would you be willing to do this?
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garyklein Posted 9 years ago
that has been done in mass.and its failling,and they have it in england and canada.it simply dont work.any time the govt. gets involved the general fund does very well.
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