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Senator Charles Schumer (D)
Location: New York
Affiliation: Democrat
Website: http://schumer.senate.gov
Rating: 46%
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Ross Willson Posted 3 years ago
When are you going to stop being an Idiot..???
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Health Care
Ross Willson Posted 6 years ago
Ahhhh.....!!! Chucky seeing the writing on the WALL....I'm thinking it's TIME for us to "chuck" him out..!!!
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James Cooksey Posted 6 years ago
Are you people in Congress crazy or are you traitors, too?


That traitor in the White House is having a pissing contest with Putin and now he's disabling our defense... He should be tried for treason and executed.
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Mary Vaughn Posted 7 years ago
Cannot believe that you are asking the very men and women responsible for saving your pitiful arrogant life to take a cut in their already meager retirement benefits. Are you ungrateful? or just not in touch with the sacrifice that you,as a member of congress, ask them to make? I hope you now realize why we all want all of congress out of there. You had better rethink this...and fast. They have given their life for you and you now ask them for money back. The sooner you are out of there the better!
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James Sexton Posted 7 years ago
I have a 2nd Amendment question. What are your thoughts on the New York State ban on having more than 7 rounds of ammunition loaded into a magazine for a firearm that can hold 10? How is this supposed to prevent crime and violence? Thank you for your time.
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Mikey Posted 7 years ago
Worthless rule - typical government regulation that doesn't fix 1 thing!
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Ross Willson Posted 8 years ago
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Fiscal Responsibility
Gene Begnell Posted 8 years ago
Senator, FYI - I am a Tea Party Member and the following quote will put my question in context.

"There is no such thing as government money - only taxpayer money." William Weld, quoted in Readers Digest.

What makes you feel you are better than I at deciding where the money I earn from hard work and am required to pay in taxes should go?
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Fiscal Responsibility
Ross Willson Posted 9 years ago
12 Month payroll tax better be in my Christmas stocking, BTW Where might the Federal Budget be, hmmm !?? Over 900 days and You haven't done your Job, Gee I wonder if I failed to perform at my Job (over 900 days) would I still be employed?? I think NOT..c'mon 2012 !!
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Ross Willson Posted 6 years ago
Update..well still NO Federal Budget...now Chuckyboy has decided after the midterm results..Republicans in Control of Congress that the "ACA" was a bad idea..Do "WE" NOT think it's time to "chuck" Chuck
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Chris Mella Posted 9 years ago
I do not support the "VISIT-USA Act" at all.The "selling visas" to foreigners for $500,000 to artificially raise prices using global currency is an admission that the US does not want to repair the Domestic economy for Americans but instead push the inventory onto someone else, ANYONE else, before it drops in value further. It is a "shell-game" and not a solution for Americans, long term OR short term.I personally wouldn't sink 5 cents into real estate at this time because as stated above, the fundamental financial situation is broke and must be purged.This bill is merely a scheme.
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Sue Sherrill Posted 9 years ago
Are you embarrassed to be a supporter of a party and an administration that squanders taxpayers' money on moronic projects like Solyndra & vacations for the Royal Family, deceives citizens with imbecilic schemes like 'Fast and Furious', fans embers of racial, political, and class resentments and generally appears either ridiculously incompetent or hideously manipulative ?
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Rod Mundy Posted 9 years ago
He can't be embarrassed; he's part of the problem.
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