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Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D)
Location: Nevada
Affiliation: Democrat
Rating: 31%
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Harry Bailey Posted 11 months ago
Thank you for your support.
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Health Care
charles dickinson Posted 6 years ago
Seems we are rapidly becoming a "two-tier" healthcare system in the US. Those with the money are receiving excellent treatment with advanced procedures and technologies, yet those even on insurance are getting these procedures denied because they are :innovative: or "investigational". I urge you to bring forward a bill providing oversight of these so called "appeal" boards and bring some well needed fairness into the process. Insurance companies denying payment is also denying treatment. Thank You
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Liz McBride Posted 6 years ago
Mr. Reid I am asking you to resign.
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Energy & Environment
Barbara Wall Posted 6 years ago
Since fracking has been safely done for over 50 years, using older methods and equipment, and the fact that all of the states directly involved with the pipeline...and the fact that the environmental impact reports all ok the impact assessments, what legitimate justification can be used to block the Keystone pipeline? Is it true that a competitor oil company has donated over 5 million to your election fund? In closing, the average age for a person to retire is 61yrs old. You are 74 years old. It is time for you to go home.
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Parker Orfield Posted 6 years ago
Who Do you think you are calling VOTERS Liars? You have forgotten just who you WORK FOR! You work for the PEOPLE of The United States, Till we can VOTE you OUT! You and your party are the LIARS and COMMUNIST FASCIST!
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Foreign Policy
Sheila Humphrey Posted 6 years ago
Why are you letting the White House get away with covering up what happened in Benghazi? You should be demanding the truth!
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Ross Willson Posted 6 years ago
Sadly Harry Reid has become an Obama "minion" and has no "will" of his own..
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Ellen Ball Posted 6 years ago
I hope you are proud of your accomplishments in making simple majority the rule of congress and that you will support it eagerly when the Republicans gain control of the Senate. If you were a true legislator and cared about the country you would take the bills past by House regarding jobs and put them to a vote. NOt that I expect that as you are not truly concerned with the country but only the power and greed of being a senator with a little bit of control at the moment. Sorry excuse for the voters of Nevada but wait they are the ones that elected you . Sorry excuse for a state
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Mary Vaughn Posted 7 years ago

Mary Vaughn Posted 4 seconds ago
The Gov't was shut down because someone finally had the guts to stand up for "We the People" . We are out here and we do Matter!. We are counting on Sen. Cruz,Sen. Lee and others to continue to have the integrity ,honesty and honor and do what is right for OUR country! We are out here! We are not a waste of time!
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Health Care
Mary Vaughn Posted 7 years ago
Sen. Reid,
How could you possibly ever say that having a senator stand up for a majority of "we the People" is a waste of time!!......how dare you think we should not have a say. I don't want someone in Congress that already has their mind made up. Obama-care is a bait and switch but you really don't care.
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MARSHA SHERMAN Posted 7 years ago
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