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Senator Bob Corker (R)
Location: Tennessee
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://corker.senate.gov/
Rating: 67%
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James McJunkins Posted 5 years ago
Mr Corker,
In an interview you gave her on telldc 7 months ago you spoke on Iranian Nuclear Negotiations, transparency and that congress needed a roll in all of this. Your actions as well as the Republican Parties actions since seems to contradict your statement. Their roll now, after the Senate passed "fast track" twice and the Congress on the second go around and this super secret documents, is an "Up or Down" vote with no amendments allowed. We all know they will have 5 days to read 1800 pages before voting. Another scam on the American People.
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Donna Ross Posted 4 years ago
Want to know that as well. Thank you!
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Sharin Lite Posted 6 years ago
Who in the majority starting in 2015 will be responsible for keeping an eye on the minority to behave ethically, morally and fairlly?
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Foreign Policy
John Summers Posted 6 years ago
Will the new GOP controlled Congress have a role in Iran Nuclear Negotiations?
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Senator Bob Corker Posted 6 years ago
VIDEO RESPONSE: Senator Bob Corker responds to a TellDC user question about the new GOP controlled Congress having a role in Iranian Nuclear Negotiations?

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Joe Keys Posted 6 years ago
Why don't polotitions see morality as the real problem when it comes to crime and guns. Taking guns away from people who are not breaking the law is only a band aid and not a real fix. Why can't people see that our society needs to be raised to have better morals. We have let Godly influence be removed from society and schools and now we see violence filling the gap. Replacing a godless society with a Godly influence would do more to stem violence than taking guns away from law abiding citizens...
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Ann Smith Posted 6 years ago
Our Military deserve financial support through these difficult times with their mortgages and rental leases. With being deployed so many times it's putting them in a difficult position. With the billions being sent to countries that are against America, surely Congress can find a way to help these men and women out of the situation they are finding themselves in. They are protecting us and deserve to be compensated.
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Mary Hartman Posted 6 years ago
Senator, I want to see two things happen ASAP. I would love to see that every one who votes in the next election must show photo id or they cannot vote. if they can get out to vote, they can get a photo id. It is too important to let this go. I also want to see TN for all on TN assistance especially food stamps, must be willing to take drug test before given the food stamps every month. No exceptions.
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Burt Y. Posted 10 years ago
I agree with your statement, "We face many challenges as a country, but after four years in Washington and a lifetime in business, I believe unsustainable spending habits and fiscal insolvency pose the greatest threat to our economic stability, freedom, way of life and future as a nation,"

However, I would like to know specifically what programs you have at the top of the list for cuts?
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