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Senator Ben Sasse (R)
Location: Nebraska
Affiliation: Republican
Rating: 40%
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Health Care
RonPaulFan Posted 8 years ago
After reading your quote about Sen. Conrad's comments regarding heath care I think you need to answer this question. “All you do is give your opponents a chance to misinform again,” said Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) Are you going to dump your Senate package and be covered by the one we have to use?
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Senior Citizen Posted 8 years ago
Real question, "Why not make it simple, let everyone have the same health care that elected politicians enjoy?"
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Roxanne Belmont Posted 9 years ago
How can you NOT support a balanced budget amendment when clearly all politicians need an amendment to stop the spending madness, you aren't doing your job.The only reason not to support it is you want to continue the fiscal irresponsibility. We are trying to save our republic, why do you want to destroy it??
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Dana Wert Posted 9 years ago
We just had another rather large thunder storm go through again and our wonderful digital television stations were breaking up to the point that we have no warning except the break up of our news and weather source. I would like to know what you may be able to do to fix this decision that was made by our government that endangers us. We could receive analog signals even in very bad storms. Going digital endangers all rural families. I would like to see this fixed.
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Kristy Smeltzer Posted 10 years ago
Why for goodness sake would you vote yes now and be saying I will vote NO later (if I don't get what I want)? I understand the play but I think it's not showing your leadership capabilities. Now that this has happened, will you stand by your statements to demand the elements of the Health Care bill or will you give in for pet projects you see you can get if you make a deal? Which will it be?
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Gerardo Gonzales Posted 10 years ago
If you wait long enough, every politician will change his/her mind!
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