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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R)
Location: Kentucky
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://mcconnell.senate.gov/
Rating: 46%
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Homeland Security
James Cooksey Posted 6 years ago
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Mary Vaughn Posted 6 years ago
Sen. McConnell,
Why do you want the GOP to crush the Tea Party? A large portion of America believes in the values the Tea Party represents and would hope that their values and views would be acknowledged and accepted. And just what are those views?....A balanced Budget....uphold our Constitution....enforce our laws....cut spending and taxes...these are just a few and it is offensive to me that the GOP wants to crush this portion of America for their own gain and greed! The next time you hold one of your back room meetings to try and crush the Tea Party think of your own values..we matter!
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Health Care
James Cooksey Posted 7 years ago
What better way to get rid of that nightmare call ObamaDontCare (ACA) than declare it as NOT signed by legal President?
Since it is proven that Obama is NOT eligible to be President, then everything he has signed into law is NOT a law... Including ObamaDontCare.
Do your job and file charges against Obama!

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CAROL GORRELL Posted 7 years ago
Did you vote against the recent bill on immigration that was voted on in the Senate?? I'm primarily interested in the border fence proposal that seems so hard for the Congress to understand. A friend recently likened it to the Hoover Dam and a leak that could spring up in it.If that had happened before the HUGE new dam was built would we have gone ahead?? No we would have patched the leak before we built everything else---I feel the same way about ALL THESE ILLEGALS IN OUR COUNTRY. Let's control more entries before we begin to grant amnesty-DON'T LET US DOWN. CAROL GORRELL
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Senior Citizen Posted 7 years ago
How about renaming the Department of Homeland Security, what we have today is far from anything to do with securing our homeland?
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Deina Underhill Posted 7 years ago
Thank you for clarifying that.

I was wondering why Bush 43 created the DHS.

But how did he know Obama was going to be elected?
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Jon Weiss Posted 7 years ago
The DHS has but one purpose, it is Obama's "Civilian Force", which in reality is intended to be his private Army to subjugate those who disagree with him.
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Senior Citizen Posted 9 years ago
Since the President has decided not to uphold the Public Laws that you pass, why not adjourn the Senate, go home, and save all the money that you would have spent?
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Senior Citizen Posted 9 years ago
What's the difference between Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown? I can see female vs. male, and Senator vs. want-be, but passed those two items, not much!
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Seniors & Social Security
Gwen Wilson Posted 9 years ago
Why are you so set on cutting Social Security?? What do you think we Seniors are going to live on?? Why don't you cut you pay, you have no worries.. We have worked all of our lives and that is OUR money WE paid in. Dang if I vote for you again . Gwen Gass Wilson
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Posted 9 years ago
Low wages, loss of jobs and high unemployment are the biggest problems holding back the growth of our economy; what have you done or what are you doing to encourage the growth of jobs that pay a livable wage in America?
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Ross Willson Posted 9 years ago
End the EPA and burdensome Governmental regulations, small businesses are being literally "regulated to death". Allow "free market" capitalism to work, cut Corporate taxes to 15%. Reduce the size of Federal Government by 30%, stop spending.!!!
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James Cookey Posted 9 years ago
Here's a great idea:
There is a plan floating around Washington to cut the budget 1% each year for EIGHT years and then institute a balanced budget Constitutional Ammendment.
How about cutting the budget 8% for ONE year... That way, it will all be done under this watch so that if it doesn't happen, we will know who to tar and feather!
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