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Senate Deputy Whip Rob Portman (R)
Location: Ohio
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://portman.senate.gov
Rating: 94%
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Health Care
Stacy Kirk Posted 9 years ago
The solution is SIMPLE. Extend YOUR current healthcare plan to the entire country. Period. No red tape, no fines, no tax cuts. Simply make it available to everyone. As a US citizen, I don't want to government up in my business. You want to provide me with extraordinary health care? Then DO IT. There is also the idea of regulating the industry by putting a cap on the ENORMOUS fees physicians and dentists charge...novel idea. I have over $2k of dental work I need done, that's AFTER my very nice insurance coveratge. I can't afford it. There's something wrong with that.
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Victoria Talon Posted 9 years ago
Amen, you are not the only one in that boat. I have 3 kids and 1 had to drop out of his sport because we can't pay the $600 for the sport fee the school needs.
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Fiscal Responsibility
Stacy Kirk Posted 9 years ago
No one should get rich off of Washington. Why don't you pay yourselves a salary based on the average citizen, since the office was meant for an average citizen? Why don't you stop voting yourselves raises every year, while we struggle with the cost of living? Why don't you use the same SOCIAL SECURITY network the average US citizen does? Why don't you set up a retirement plan that doesn't bleed the tax payers BLIND. Why does it cost the gov't millions to do jobs that cost thousands??? Because CONGRESS IS CORRUPT!!! Stop your prostitution of "service", and do right by Americans!!
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Fiscal Responsibility
Melissa Smith Posted 9 years ago
Why don't you congresspeople cut your pay to what the average person makes and stop making taxpayers like me having to pay for all these little "perks" that you vote in for yourselves? Stop offering "incentives" (welfare, housing, jobs) to illegal aliens. Put a cap on spending- when you run out of money, stop spending something that isn't there. Common sense is obviously not something that the government has.

This would really LOWER the national DEBT, but I suppose no one will ever listen to someone like me, anyhow.
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John Pacheco Posted 9 years ago
Why do members of Congress and the Senate NOT understand what WE THE PEOPLE do? The FACT that ILLEGALS are costing us REAL AMERICANS billions upon billions of OUR taxes AND jobs just so the Democrats can retain power! My question is simple, "Why are the Democrats, including Mr. Obama, so willing to sell us out and destroy our Great Country"?
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gofer Posted 9 years ago
Why isn't there a hard push for the production of natural gas? It would boost the economy by creating hundreds of thousands of jobs, it would eliminate our dependence on foreign oil, and converting our cars over to it would be better for the environment.
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