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Senate Deputy Whip Richard Burr (R)
Location: North Carolina
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://burr.senate.gov/
Rating: 60%
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Betty K Posted 5 years ago
I know some think the way to a November victory is by passing Immigration, I can say as many as I have talked to those who vote in favor will not come back in 15 we will repeal and replace those who vote to have our jobs our lives and our security disrupted by ILLEGALS. Make them go back and come in the correct way. We have many in line doing everything right to come here and it's not fair for them to be pushed to the back of the line for possible votes. Listen to the People of NC the ones you are suppose to listen too. Those who will be hurt the most if immigration passes Stop It Now!
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Foreign Policy
Dwight Thompson Posted 5 years ago
We the People Of the United States of America are speaking will you listen? Not 1 bullet and Not 1 Cruise Missile to support Al Queda in Syria. They are murderous scum as we have realized over the last 12 or more years and America should never stand up for them. If they come over here or to Israel throw it all at them otherwise stay out of it. Both are evil and we know this. Will you not support Obama in his quest to fight for Al Queada?
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Robert Hoffman Posted 5 years ago
I agree. We have so many more important issues facing us now like creating more jobs, producing our own oil and getting away from all of the dependency on the oil in their region and how about spending the cost of one this crazy idea on education here in our country.
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Foreign Policy
Joshua Amundson Posted 6 years ago
Why did you not vote for or against passage Bill (S. 3576 ) at midnight on the 22nd of September?
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Foreign Policy
Linda Polk Posted 7 years ago
Dear Honorable Senator Burr,

I emplore you and your colleagues in the U.S. Senate to stand up for the Iranian Christian Pastor Yousef who is being held prisoner in Iran and faces an imminent death sentence by hanging unless we, and like-minded countries, respond forthwith. Pastor Yousef has done nothing wrong. He has simply stood up for his faith in Jesus Christ. He has committed no apostacy, blasphemy, or heretical crime, not even by Muslim standards. We, in America, must Demand that the Iranian government lift the accusations against him and immediately release him to his family.
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Virginia Calello Posted 7 years ago
This latest budget proposal is a scheme. It will basically raise the debt ceiling and the spending will just continue...as usual! Are there no true patriots up on that hill? Our nation is in TROUBLE! People have fought and died for this country, but you guys cannot be trusted to properly use a sharp pencil! Please, get serious about cutting spending. Obama and the Dems are posturing for the 2012 election, and you will give them fodder to WIN if you do not stand up to their bullying, temper tantrum in refusing to respond to the needs of the country. Truly cut, cap and balance!
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Fiscal Responsibility
Virginia Calello Posted 8 years ago
Senator Burr,

Please support Cut, Cap, and Balance. We cannot continue to spend more money than we take in and we cannot just raise the debt ceiling and pay for it with credit from China and other countries. We must be fiscal responsible for the sake of our children and grand-children. They do not deserve to be left to deal with our debts. Please do not CAVE in to Obama and the democrats. STAND firm. Personally, I will not vote again for anyone who caves on this!
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Fiscal Responsibility
Craig Judd Posted 8 years ago
Dear Senator Burr,
In this time of budget cutting and deficit spending why is the Veterans administration paying for hormones for veterans that choose to get Sex Change operations??????
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grandma72 Posted 8 years ago
Why can't Congress do something about the rising cost of Electricity. It is almost impossible to pay a bill that is more that our mortgage each month. We are doing our part by doing our laundry in cold water, hanging on a line instead of using the dryer and using an Amish made heater to conserve.
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