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Senate Conference Chairman Lamar Alexander (R)
Location: Tennessee
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://alexander.senate.gov/
Rating: 72%
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VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Alexander explains his ideas and goals for School Choice.

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Phylis Perry Posted 5 years ago
Senator I have 2 questions about education. Should we expand the Pell Grant program for those seeking a higher education? What are your thoughts on President Obamas plan for free community college tuition?
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James McJunkins Posted 5 years ago
First thing is, nothing is free. Some one has to fund it and please don't say the federal government the government produces nothing of value and only takes from people in the form of taxes. Secondly as my soon is leaving collage and entering the work force with a BS, he is finding it very difficult to find a job. Mr Alexander and his politician friends, our supposed representatives, need to look out for this country as a whole or we will find ourselves in the new alongside Greece unable to pay our debits.
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VIDEO RESPONSE: Sen. Alexander responds to the question about the Pell Grant process and free community college tuition and says the President is "in the right church but the wrong pew".

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Mike Smith Posted 5 years ago
Senator, How about the Fair Tax? It seems really good. How do you feel about it?
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Mary Hartman Posted 5 years ago
Senator, I want to see two things happen ASAP. I would love to see that every one who votes in the next election must show photo id or they cannot vote. if they can get out to vote, they can get a photo id. It is too important to let this go. I also want to see TN for all on TN assistance especially food stamps, must be willing to take drug test before given the food stamps every month. No exceptions.
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Trey Edwards Posted 8 years ago
Senator, Are you going to stand up for Our 2nd amendment rights?
Sir, I should not really have to ask this question, as per the oath that you took when you took office was to uphold the constitution. I am requesting that you do so as a point of law and and that you should represent what you know is the desire of the people to whom you serve. With respect I ask that you be a powerful voice to the lawmakers who are reacting poorly to a terrible incident . Removing the right to bear arms from law biding citizens has and never will do anything but make people more defenseless than ever.
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Joe Keys Posted 8 years ago
Why don't polotitions see morality as the real problem when it comes to crime and guns. Taking guns away from people who are not breaking the law is only a band aid and not a real fix. Why can't people see that our society needs to be raised to have better morals. We have let Godly influence be removed from society and schools and now we see violence filling the gap. Replacing a godless society with a Godly influence would do more to stem violence than taking guns away from law abiding citizens.
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chartman Posted 9 years ago
You are a follower, not a leader. Based on your voting it would be safe to say don't bother running again for senator as you have proven yourself to bow down to the democrates. If you are going to support the democrates, then why not change your party. No need to ask you what the Tea Party members want, you don't listen.
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chartman Posted 9 years ago
please pass a low that you show photo id before you can vote. no id. can't vote.
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Gene Begnell Posted 10 years ago
Senator, What will you do to protect our education system in the current recession?
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health care
strelllnikof Posted 10 years ago
Repel; Repel: Repel. No cap and trade. Can we not address the real cost of health care?
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