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Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke (R)
Location: District of Columbia
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://www.doi.gov/
Rating: 42%
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AlexaS Posted 5 years ago
Isn't the job of the government to serve and protect the people! What do you have planned as a sensible "out of the private business community" person plan to do to make all Americans' better off from your service?
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David Millson Posted 5 years ago
How do you justify your military invasion of the Cliven Bundy property?
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Cherry Benoit Posted 2 years ago
[url=https://ru.wikipedia.org]wikipedia.org [/url]
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Paul Fee Posted 6 years ago
The actions by the National Park Service during the government slowdown have been unconscionable by any standards. The punitive actions taken have enraged and disgusted Americans across the country. What corrective and disciplinary actions are forthcoming against those in decision making capacities?
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Fiscal Responsibility
Ross Willson Posted 6 years ago
KRAUTHAMMER: Who Shut Down Yellowstone? http://nation.foxnews.com/2013/10/03/krauthammer-who-shut-down-yellowstone …
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Energy & Environment
Vicky Posted 7 years ago
Oil and gas prices continue to rise, as do the prices we are paying for other items. All this talk about clean energy, AMTRAK, etc. may be good for the future but it is doing nothing for our current situation. How much longer are we supposed to wait for drilling permits to be issued? Fix this problem now!
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Kristin St. John Posted 8 years ago
Are there plans to rehab National Parks, specifically those damaged during recent storms on the East Coast?
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Energy & Environment
Autumn Posted 8 years ago
Video Proof that Enbridge and The EPA are NOT cleaning up the Oil spill in Michigan Properly.
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Pam Brinson Posted 8 years ago
Your link doesn't work for me but I care if you and your family is in danger.
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Energy & Environment
Autumn Posted 8 years ago
Why isn't anyone paying attention to the Michigan oil spill that was caused by Enbridge and the oil cover up that followed? Enbridge has instructed workers to cover up oil, throw oily soil in the woods and has not cleaned up this mess properly. The EPA has "cleared" sites which are still FULL of oil. I have brought this up at many community, city, and county meetings. THIS needs to be seriously investigated
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Energy & Environment
Ross Willson Posted 8 years ago
I'm asking my Members of Congress to De-Fund the EPA, end oil drilling moritoriums, license "New" Nuclear Power Plants, build more Hydro Electric facilities, allow private Industry to build Wind Turbine "Farms" on Federal land
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