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Secretary of Veteran Affairs Robert McDonald (D)
Location: District of Columbia
Affiliation: Democrat
Website: http://www.va.gov/
Rating: 49%
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michael simic Posted 2 years ago
Mr McDonald. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your apology and it is nice to see that you understand the mistake you made. I'm sure you are getting it from all sides right now, but even though I am a republican, I am an United States Airman and a combat veteran. We are all allowed to make mistakes but it is how we confront the mistakes we've made that makes us who we are and I feel you have confronted yours head on. Above all else I just wanted to let you know you have the support of a fellow veteran and I hope you can continue your mission to fix a broken VA. Thank you!
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grammyL Posted 2 years ago
Why is there a separate bureaucracy for Veterans health care? I think we should close down the VA hospitals completely. Let veterans choose any hospital and doctor they want. Veterans deserve the best care they can get. Stop having them travel to hospitals of your choosing. I understand some may need special care for war wounds. If there is demand for that, then the private sector will step up and provide it. We tax payers should pay for this. It is the least we can do for their sacrifice. The private sector will do a better job.
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Senior Citizen Posted 2 years ago
That goes for Tri-Care as well. I see no reason why all Federal employees shouldn't have the Federal Employee Health Plan. There is a component of military salary for health care; pay that to service members so that they can buy FEHP. VA could also finance the employee share of FEHP.
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Ervinetta Clayton Posted 2 years ago
Totally agree with the party about Veterans being able to go anywhere for their care....They have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and they do deserve a complete health care and our respect....My husband is a VietNam veteran so we know first hand about the care out there....Needs a complete about face (if you will). What is this country waiting on????
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Geraldine Fenton Posted 2 years ago
I agree. We don't need seperate hospitals. Give them good care with the benefits they EARNED!!
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