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Secretary of Defense James Mattis (R)
Location: District of Columbia
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://www.defenselink.mil/
Rating: 54%
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bernice stockstil Posted 5 months ago
I am not sure whether he is just right person for this position. A lot of questionable decisions were made.
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Homeland Security
Ross Willson Posted 5 years ago
via Fox News,,So as President are you not sworn to Protect the United States of America..??
"President Obama, in his first public comments on the controversial trade of five Taliban prisoners for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl since the deal was announced, acknowledged Tuesday there's "absolutely" a risk that the former Guantanamo inmates will try to return to the battlefield -- but nevertheless defended the deal as in America's interest.

"I wouldn't be doing it if I thought that it was contrary to American national security," Obama said."
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Mary Vaughn Posted 6 years ago
If the House is pressuring you to allow Sikh's to wear Turbans and have beards then you had better allow our soldiers to honor their God by wearing crosses and saying prayers!!! This is really getting out of hand.....What is happening ???????
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Homeland Security
James Cooksey Posted 6 years ago
You can respond to jamcoenterprises@yahoo.com if you've got the guts.
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Ross Willson Posted 6 years ago
I would like to know what action you plan to take to protect MY First Amendment Rights?


The First Amendment to the Constitution protects freedom of religion by banning Congress from passing any law respecting an establishment of religion and from prohibiting people from freely exercising their religion. The Supreme Court has applied these limits
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David Piccolomini Posted 7 years ago
My question is: As a retired USN Senior Chief Petty Officer, why did my pension go down $70.00 per month even though President Obama falsely claims he hasn't raised taxes.
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Toledo Flash Posted 7 years ago
How after your service and the service provided by others in the military who have given their time and sometimes life for our nation be treated like this. It's a disgrace that we should all tell our representatives to make a priority. Another reason we are the laughing stock of the world. Let's get serious about priorities now!
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Ross Willson Posted 7 years ago
Why are not supporting our troops and their VOTING rights??
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Foreign Policy
Senior Citizen Posted 7 years ago
Why hasn't the Administration, at least, suspended all Foreign Aid to PK until they become our partners in the war against terror? Its cost us an additional $2+B to ship supplies AROUND PK. That cost should be reprogrammed from PK aid. If there's more than $2B available, then, reprogram that sum to UAVs.
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Foreign Policy
Rod Mundy Posted 8 years ago
What's the MISSION in Afgan? Isn't there a better war lord than Karzai?
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Fiscal Responsibility
Ross Willson Posted 8 years ago
Cut the entire Federal Budget, by 30% across the board (NOW not ten years down the road, that is how we are in the situation we are in now) excluding two items Defense, which is defined in the Constitution and Social Security (which, for me, is NOT an entitlement program) which both Parties have used for the past 40 years as their "slush" fund to finance unpopular programs or agendas, use the taxes raised by actually putting people back to work to repay those funds.
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