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RNC Chairman Reince Priebus (R)
Location: Wisconsin
Affiliation: Republican
Website: www.GOP.com
Rating: 67%
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Health Care
James Cooksey Posted 6 years ago
What better way to get rid of that nightmare call ObamaDontCare (ACA) than declare it as NOT signed by legal President?
Since it is proven that Obama is NOT eligible to be President, then everything he has signed into law is NOT a law... Including ObamaDontCare.

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Sheila Humphrey Posted 7 years ago
Will the Republican party support TRUE conservatives that will follow the Constitution in the upcoming elections? Will the Republican party support someone like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and /or Mike Lee for President and VP instead of the moderates that have been forced down our throats the last two elections? I have a feeling if the Republican party does not get itself back to supporting the Constitution and making real, meaningful changes (not just lip service) and getting STRONG leaders in the House and Senate they are going to lose a LOT of voters.
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James Cooksey Posted 7 years ago
If this is true and accurate, it is grounds for impeachment.
It is plain and clear; AID AND COMFORT TO THE ENEMY.
Especially when looked at in in conjunction with arming Al Qaeda in Syria
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James Cooksey Posted 7 years ago
Barack Obama spent $800,000,000,000 (800 Billion) for so-called Economic Stimulus.....
There were approximately 115 million individual tax returns filed in 2009.
So, do the math, if Obama had taken the same 800 billion dollars and divided it equally between the 115 million people who filed tax returns in 2009, that would have been a cash in hand amount of $6,956 and change in a 115 million people's checking account.... I BELIEVE THAT WOULD HAVE STIMULATED THE ECONOMY....
Please pass this on and respond!
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Robert MacNeill Posted 7 years ago
The Repulican's Need not worry about the future of their Party if they vote for the current immigration bill! Because in 2014 When Tax-Paying American Go to the poll's the republican Party will lose ! Big Time American Voter's REBULICAN'S and INDEPENDENT'S WILL GO TO THE POLL'S TO VOTE OUT THE REPUBLICAN's THE REPULICAN NEED THE AMERICAN VOTER'S TODAY! the Future won't save them. American want immigration reform not Amnesty! AMERICAN TAX-PAYER'S AND VOTER'S WILL REMBER THE REPUBLICAN'S in Nov 2014. Amaerican's want REFORM NOT AMNESTY !!!!!!!!!!
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Mary W. Posted 7 years ago
Since when is it wrong to state a personal opinion on a subject you feel strongly about? I ask that you please don't allow Dave Agema to be removed from his position as RNC committee person in Michigan just because he stated his personal opinion on the subject of gay lifestyle. If the RNC will not allow someone to speak freely about their beliefs I believe the Republican party needs to be replaced.
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Senior Citizen Posted 7 years ago
Isn't Obama 'stealing the march' on the GOP ? He's out and about raising millions of dollars and spouting his political views. The GOP is too busy fighting with each other. It's time to knock off going after each other and go after the real failure to govern, OBAMA .....
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James Cookey Posted 7 years ago
Don't tell me they can't find 3% to cut from the non-budget without hurting WE THE PEOPLE... It's all lies:
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Energy & Environment
Geoff Grossman Posted 8 years ago
With oil at $90/barrel, which is 68% of its all time high price of $147/barrel from July 2008; why isn't gasoline $2.52 per gallon at the pump, this would be 68% $4.12 on national average from July 2008?

Solution: Breakup the Oil Refining and Distribution network in California PLUS prosecute the price gouging participants in that system.
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James Cooksey Posted 8 years ago
Obama said that Romney killed the woman that died of cancer (which was a lie) well, then since he deliberately refused to protect the Ambassador, I say he MURDERED him and should be arrested, tried, and executed for pre-meditated murder.
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