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Political Commentator Glenn Beck (I)
Location: Texas
Affiliation: Independent
Website: http://www.theblaze.com/
Rating: 87%
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Ross Willson Posted 1 year ago
Watch this...https://www.facebook.com/IllinoisGunOwnersRights/videos/937232583025563/
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Rick Amato Posted 3 years ago
Have the tea party candidates, who won in 2010, followed through on their promises to the American people to stand up against big government?
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Jeff Adams Posted 3 years ago
Not sure how Glenn Beck's video was a response to your question... lol but I will respond by stating that as long as voters rely upon a 2 party system and continue voting for Republicans or Democrats, there will never be change. Tea Party candidates are Republicans who are beholden to the Party, and if you people don't get that, you don't understand how the political system works. A definition of insanity: repeating the same mistake expecting different results. Voting for either party is a vote of support for the most corrupt govt. in the free world.
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VIDEO: Glenn Beck responds to Rick Amato and talks about standing together for America.

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David McCauslin Posted 4 years ago
Make obama prove how he is
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