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Governor Greg Abbott (R)
Location: Texas
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://www.gregabbott.com/
Rating: 77%
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Fiscal Responsibility
Richard Schoenholtz Posted 6 years ago
What's happening in Greece, and Spain, has now spread to cities and counties in the U.S.. This is all because of just two words, "Unfunded Liability"! Politicians and voters must stop "kicking the can down the road", and making commitments to benefit and pension funds, for which they have no specific plan or ability to pay for, but are simply leaving it for the next guy(s) to worry about! That is clearly "Fiscal irresponsibility", and the practice should be made illegal! Otherwise, our future generations will pay for it with staggering debt, and crippling taxes. Wake up America !
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Fiscal Responsibility
Adam Johnson Posted 6 years ago
Mr. Perry, Fiscal Responsibility is one of the most important issues this country faces, as well as our state. We share a border with Mexico, and with the Fed's lack of really doing anything about enforcing immigration, to be honest, we will at some point loose Texas to mexico, AGAIN. (as in before our independence in the 1800's) My question is simple, how can we REALLY protect and enforce border security and ENSURING that all citizens coming to this country are LEGAL if the Fed will not take it seriously, and what do you plan or can we do to make sure something happens. illegals=burden=$.
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Ron Carlton Posted 6 years ago
Honorable Rick Perry, Governor
I would like to ascertain your position on the proposed legislation for Texas to become an open carry state. I found it amazing that Texas was among a small hand full of liberal states that did not permit licensed individuals to open carry.
Thank you for your consideration in responding to this question.
R Carlton
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Diana Koon Posted 8 years ago
We are a country of laws. Illegal is illegal. Children born in the US to illegal aliens are not citizens of the US. If I were born in Mexico, I would not be a citizen of Mexico!!! Children born to US citizens are citizens. We need to protect the US and our borders. Stay strong.
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Family Values
Governor Greg Abbott Posted 8 years ago
VIDEO: Why @GovernorPerry explains why he will not be backing down on the #marriage issue.

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james lewis Posted 9 years ago
Your recent TV and Internet spots are a powerful and do show the world your clrear thinking on issues regarding Jobs, Limited Government, Decreased regulation and PC global warming. When will you go up with a message that shows your commitment to "life" and "travidional values"? Your principled approach to these issues will resonate in Iowa. I hpope you will use TellDC to blast your message out without the PC left media getting to spin you round and round. God Bless you and Anita....Thanks jkl
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Donna Whitaker Posted 9 years ago
Are you supporting islamist terrorism? I have been reading about your ties with crazy islamist. I will not vote in another NObama lier! Explain yourself truthfully, please.
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Helen Delarue Posted 9 years ago
Gov. Perry, The Dallas Morning News reported on your attending the Bilderberg Conference. That is un American and violates the Logan Act. Associating yourself withthat organization is a red flag to Americans and I intend to inform as many citizens as possible. Do NOT take us for being stupid.

You have sold our roads to foreign investors, involving three firms represented annually at Bilderberg. You have also privatized TxU (Texas utilities), handing it off to global investment firms and private controlwho are heavily involved in the Bilderberg group. So....what makes you better than Obama?
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James Cookey Posted 9 years ago
When you decide to run for President and win (which you will do, if you run), please help with this:

There is a plan floating around Washington to cut the budget 1% each year for EIGHT years and then institute a balanced budget Constitutional Ammendment.
How about cutting the budget 8% for ONE year... That way, it will all be done under this watch so that if it doesn't happen, we will know who to tar and feather!
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Homeland Security
James Cookey Posted 9 years ago
I'm still waiting for you to enter the race for the White House.. When you get there, this will be irrellivant, but you might can use it to help get you there:
Why has Obama not been impeached? He is a fraud and possibly a Muslim simpathizer. He is a criminal.
Click the link and then respond:
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