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Governor Chris Christie (R)
Location: New Jersey
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://www.state.nj.us/governor/
Rating: 72%
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Ross Willson Posted 6 years ago
So when can we IMPEACH Members of Congress for Fiduciary Irresponsibility? It is an Impeachable offense as defined by Constitutional Law, if removed from Office by Impeachment Members will not get their "sweetheart" Pensions and Healthcare..just raising the question!
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Rebecca Saxon Posted 9 years ago
I assume this means Chris is also just a RINO- backing an Obama lite presidential hopeful when there is a determined and very conservative (Cain) peoples choice that can get the job done is inexcusable! I believe what this has done is forced the Republicans to lose 2012 because the determined conservatives will still vote Cain to send a message thereby splitting the conservative vote and allowing a second term to the individual obviously hellbent on destroying America.
Can you please explain how you can back this left of center "Republican"? When the people CLEARLY want Right of Center!?
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Fiscal Responsibility
John Cline Posted 9 years ago
After campaigning as a Tea Party Candidate and getting the NJ governor seat as a Conservative Tea Party candidate , Why are you now engaged in screwing both Tea Party and Conservatives by adopting a no result policy on Obama Care and going lame on joining other states in legislating it's abolishment in the courts?
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RickAmye Hauser Posted 9 years ago
Governor Christie,
The Tea Party was a major force in getting you elected. Why are you turning your back on Presidential Tea Party candidates?
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Ron Adkins Posted 9 years ago
While I am disappointed that you chose not to run for President, I am wondering why you would put your support behind Romney. What makes him more qualified than Herman Cain, who has a very attractive track record of running business, turning bad ones around making them successful ?
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Kim Allen Posted 9 years ago
Thank you for endorsing the next president of the US!
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Energy & Environment
Ty Miller Posted 9 years ago
Governor, I applauded your actions in turning your state around and I was thrilled with the way you handled the news media and people asking stupid questions. However, when you started going off on the green agenda and global warming BS you started to worry me. Now your supporting a RINO like Romney I really start to question you and your agenda. What next? Are you going after my second amendment rights? You where at the top of my list at one point sir but you are dropping off fast. Why are you doing this or is this the real Christie showing his stripes?
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Cheryl Walker Posted 9 years ago
If you weren't getting into this race yourself then why are you sending Romney in your stead??? You vote in private for your vote in your backyard and let others vote their conscience as well!!
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Health Care
Cliff Payne Posted 9 years ago
With Mitt Romney being the father of "Romneycare", why would you endorse him for the REPUBLICAN candidate for President? Not trying to be rude as i have the utmost respect for you, but i was FLOORED by your decision. That said, HI GOV! ;) Hope you are well!
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George Fournier Posted 9 years ago
How can you support Romney? He brought Massachusetts the first versions of Obamacare. he was fro it before he was against it. he is wrong for New Jersey and wrong for America. You should have waited until next year to announce who you are supporting. When Romney loses in the primary in this state, what then?
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