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Former Governor Mike D. Huckabee (R)
Location: Arkansas
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://www.mikehuckabee.com/
Rating: 85%
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Robine Vili Posted 3 years ago
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Michael Davenport Posted 4 years ago
Why should any of us vote for a Republican when, having elected a Republican Senate and House, nothing changes?
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Julie Rasinski Posted 5 years ago
Can we blame moral decay for causing crisis in our nation and is there a simple improvement that would cause a change to improve this through, citizens Congress and government leaders?
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Former Governor Mike Huckabee Posted 5 years ago
VIDEO: Former Gov. Huckabee responds to a question from TellDC user Julie about moral decay and restoring respect in others and our nation.

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Julie Rasinski Posted 6 years ago
Can you tell me who you know in Congress that is in support of the overhaul of the IRS and taxation system in our wonderful Country?
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Ross Willson Posted 6 years ago
Put America first, allow the United States to migrate to a period of mini isolationism, as our foreign / overseas treaties come to a close, do not renew. Bring our military, equipment, supplies, and technology home. Post our Military to seal our borders, patrol all Ports of Entry, and airports. Thereby ending the need to fund the Dept. of Homeland Security, bye TSA.
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Gwynne Pelton Posted 6 years ago
The most fundamental duty of Congress is to make laws that must be coherent in the role of the United States and must promote the execution of the Constitution. All American citizens have a right to DEMAND accountability of Congress. We have a duty to express our displeasure and question our local representatives that we elected to work for us to better our country and communities. If we aren't doing our job holding them accountable, how can we bitch when Congress doesn't do theirs?
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Posted 7 years ago
During the Dr. Gosnell proceedings, trial and post-trial why were NOT the MOTHERS of the MURDERED children indicted, ARRESTED and tried as co-conspirators ??? Why also, at the very least, we're they not arrested for child endangerment?? They failed to protect the lives of their living babies !!
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Ross Willson Posted 7 years ago
Part (2) End all Foreign Aid, divide those budgeted funds in half, and use the first half to “pay down” the deficit, the 2nd half will go to Social Security funding until the program is reformed to a self-sustaining operation by law. Once the Social Security / Medicare funding issue is resolved the remaining Funding will be cut from the Budget.
Drop the Corporate Tax rate to a floating 9 – 12% Federal Govt. will NOT provide funding for Bailouts / R&D for private Industry, by LAW. Government was NEVER designed to run business operations
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Ross Willson Posted 8 years ago
Dear Governor Huckabee,
Propose the 28th Amendment, stating that Congress will be compensated the AVERAGE income of their constituency. Pay Federal taxes at the same rates as their constituency. Receive the same Health care as their constituency, be able to receive a pension based on a 30 year career in a real world profession not based on terms served in Congress. Members of Congress will be excluded from accepting any position within a lobbyist / Special Interest, or Government employment no less than 10 years after End Term of Service in Congress.
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James Cooksey Posted 8 years ago
This may very well be why Obama won the key states:
See what you can do to get the ball rolling on this:
I think Congress should form a 10,000 member team to verify EVERY vote that was cast in the last election. The simplest way would be to broadcast that anyone that had lied on the voter registration that came forward and confessed, would be granted amnesty in the third degree felony. If they do not come forward, they will be prosecuted if found.
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Mikey Posted 8 years ago
figures they would take it down.
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Mary Vaughn Posted 8 years ago
Video is unavailable now.
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