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Former-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R)
Location: California
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://www.schwarzenegger.com/
Rating: 38%
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Adam Yale Posted 10 years ago
What was your reasoning to shift your focus from the issues of california to make a movie?
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Simi Valley Posted 10 years ago
A question for Gov. Schwarzenegger regarding Water Bond.

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Kristy Smeltzer Posted 10 years ago
Governor, What did you learn about the "system" from the time you took office up until now? I think you tried to get California fixed but it's not looking like you did it. If you could go back and start over what would you do different? Was there any chance to have actually saved our state or was it doomed and if so why?
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Rkeltner Posted 10 years ago
How will schools get money in the future.

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debbiefaber Posted 10 years ago
Stop the rising unemployment rates in California.

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Julie Rasinski Posted 10 years ago
If you are such a capable and dedicated leader how come you can't just go into our State legislators and kick some ass? I am serious, the problems you are facing should really be dealt with by taking some of the guys (or gals) up there in Sacramento out into the back of the State House and kicking their ass. FIX the PROBLEMS! You are a man and you promised that you would do it when you were talking about taking office. I can't believe that you will look in the mirror when you've left office and think you have solved our State's problems. Be honest to yourself and be honest to me and tell me now if you did your time as Governor to serve "the people" or to serve whoever else that might be offering you a deal later. I am sick of lies by politicians and I think you are the one to say straight-up if you are a politician or a real man? Which is it?
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Unfunded Mandates
Julie Rasinski Posted 10 years ago
You promised when you ran for Gov. that you would be fixing the problems that face our state. I don't want to call you a liar so I will just ask you one question. Who do you want to blame for not being able to do what you promised?
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Ginaburningsky Posted 10 years ago
Question to Arnold Schwarzenegger about State Budget Crisis

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Jouvert Posted 10 years ago
You are so right. And, is not just happening in California. The rich are rich, they don't need anything, the poor are provided with free medical care, food stamps and section 8 housing and the working class gets the screw.
Don't let some of our elected officials here that a bill is being drafted for some kind of help relief for the working class; or no, it becomes a big debate. Who are they representing? No wonder so many of them are rich.
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Heidi Bressler Posted 10 years ago
What is really more important, money or the education of our children?

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andy Posted 10 years ago
Hi governor Arnold! What do you think about future public education system in California? when college tuition will stop increasing?
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