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Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler (R)
Location: Washington (3rd district)
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://herrerabeutler.house.gov
Rating: 85%
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Gloria Hall Posted 7 years ago
Vote no on obamacare, no on anything else the dems want to pass. Vote the way the people who put you in office want you to vote. You are the only hope in WA state for any of this to turn around. Do NOT cave in. All politicians who claim to be Republicans need to start acting like one. If this obamacare goes thru an I find out you supported it in any fashion, do not count on a vote for me in the next election.
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Posted 7 years ago
Low wages, loss of jobs and high unemployment are the biggest problems holding back the growth of our economy; what have you done or what are you doing to encourage the growth of jobs that pay a livable wage in America?
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Energy & Environment
Posted 7 years ago
How do you justify your vote to support the resolution to gut the Environmental Protection Agency? Do you truly believe that corporate profit is more important than clean air and water, and a safe and healthy environment? After the fiasco of the economic financial crisis to you honestly believe that the corporate world will regulate themselves better than a government agency, and that the American people will still be safe?
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Cynthia Smith Posted 7 years ago
I don't fear the Government at a federal level cutting payments to parks as much as I fear them not doing what's needed for people to have the ability to pay for the gas and have money to buy camping materials because the don't have jobs and can't afford it.
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Charles Patterson Posted 7 years ago
Please be aware the EPA and the Crony capitalists are in bed and 'regulating' from the commands of the corporations they regulate. It is a clear case of fox guarding the hen house.
The EPA thinks it's GOD and has turned into a hideous monster of epic proportion and a tool of too-big-to-fail Megamonopolies. Oligarcs rule with an iron fist under the auspices of 'protecting the environment.' We know better. Stick it in and break it off! EPA needs a severe downsizing...
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Charles Patterson Posted 7 years ago
You just read my message about my opinion on why I thought we should gut the EPA.
While I believe this is essential, we live in a complicated World in which we have problems like Fukishima; and yet we have an EPA that covers up the hazardous effects with a media blackout accompaniment. Do they eat the Tuna too?
Are people really that far gone now? Is it something they're putting in the water?
What is the disconnect here? Am I living in The Twilight Zone? I would like to hear a fool try to defend this Hoax...This should be good (rubbing hands together in anticipation)...
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