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Congressman Vernon Gale Buchanan (R)
Location: Florida (16th district)
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://buchanan.house.gov/
Rating: 85%
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Grover Norquist Posted 8 years ago
Millions of people oppose Obamacare because it is a tax. Can you give an example or think of any new tax that could be used to improve the lives of Americans?
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Foreign Policy
Kurt Spehr Posted 8 years ago
Dear Congressman,
Are you aware that West Papuans did not recieve equal U.N. treatment as other countries given plebliscite votes? Were you aware the 1025 voters hand picked and held at gunpoint by the Indonesia military were told if they voted against Indonesia taking over they would have their tongues cut out and that they would be shot? Is this the type of Democracy the Republican and Democratic partys support around the world? Did you know massive demonstrations have taken place in West Papua for a fair plebliscitepromised by the Rome Agreement?
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Fiscal Responsibility
Jim Garvin Posted 8 years ago
My question for you is... WHERE'S YOUR SACRIFICE? We need politicians who know how to lead!

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LB Posted 8 years ago
RIGHT ON, JIM! My sentiments exactly! You hit the nail on the head. Boehner needs a backbone and needs to tell Obama - no way to his demands - that he is going to listen to the American people - as it should be since we pay their salaries. We will send them packing if they don't do what WE want!
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Peggy Neary Posted 8 years ago
I could not have said it better Jim. I have emailed Congressmen & women, Senators, Governors, Mayors, right on down the line saying the same thing. Why aren't there cutback on their salaries & benefits. Why don't they have to enroll in the same health benefits they propose for the taxpayers. Thank You for stepping up and speaking out.
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Rich Ryzenga Posted 8 years ago
Could not have said it better! This is about America, a representative republic, and I am a Jeffersonian liberal...Jefferson once said (and I paraphrase) he wishes that we had constitutional amendment that would prohibit debt. AMEN!!
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Ross Willson Posted 8 years ago
A few weeks past, President Obama stated that he could not guarantee that
Social Security checks would be mailed on August 3 if the debt ceiling was
not raised. I wonder if I am the only person interested in what he did not
What he did not say: Part #1

I will not be able to get my monthly check for $33,333.33, Vice-President
Biden will not get his check for $19,225.00, and oh by the way, Michelle
will be happy to give up a vacation until we get this mess straightened out.

Congress will not be able to get their checks which average $14,500.00 per
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Ross Willson Posted 8 years ago
What He did NOT say Part # 2

My Czars will not be able to receive their checks, some of which
receive $14,350.00 per month and others receive $13,208.33 a month.

My cabinet members will not receive their $15,941.66 monthly check. Their
Deputy Secretaries will not be able to receive their $14,350.00 monthly
check. Their Under Secretaries will not be able to receive their $13,208.33
monthly check. Their Assistant Secretaries, general counsels, and heads of
minor departments will not be able to receive their $12,416.66 monthly
check. My various administrators, board members, commissioners, and others
will not be able to get their $11,633.33 monthly check.
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Ross Willson Posted 8 years ago
What he did not say Part #3

The Supreme Court will not be able to receive their $17,341.66 monthly
check. The U.S. Appeals Court and Appeals Judges for the Armed Forces will
not be able to receive their $14,591.66 monthly check. The U.S. District
Court, Claims Court, International Trade Court, and U.S. Tax Court Judges
will not be able to receive their $13,766.66 monthly check. And the
Bankruptcy and Magistrate Judges will not be able to get their $12,665.33
monthly check.

The gaggle of Washington TSA bureaucrats will not receive their $8,750.00
monthly checks. The tens of thousands of other various paper shufflers who
are pigeon holed in various offices in Washington will not receive their
checks which average more than $8,333.33 a month.
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Ross Willson Posted 8 years ago
What he Said Part # 4

What I heard coming from the lips of the President was that the only folks
that should be concerned was people receiving Social Security checks. Isn't
it ironic that the only people he feels that he cannot assure with any
degree of certainty that they will get their checks are the ones who need
the money the most?The national average for all Social Security
beneficiaries is $1,079.00 monthly, which totals a whopping $12,948.00
yearly; the money coming from a fund that most have paid into their entire
working lives. Or put another way, the average Social Security recipient
gets a check each month that equals about 3% of what the President receives
each month; and in theory, they are getting back their own money.
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Ross Willson Posted 8 years ago
Never mind that the United States Constitution requires the President to pay
Principal and Interest on the National Debt and then Federal Pensions before
any other funds can be obligated. It is a foregone conclusion that Mr. Obama
missed his constitutional law classes at Harvard.

The mere fact that the President, any President, would threaten in any
"thinly veiled" manner that the elderly would not get their pension checks
is about as contemptible and fear mongering effort as any elected official
could use for expediency. This is outrageous even for this chronic avoider
of the truth!
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Robert Pont Posted 9 years ago
It seems to me that we can save a few dollars if those in office were to go onto a medical plan which most of us must do. This requires a co payment into their policy and copays for appointments and scripts. How about paying into sociail security. I think if that were done we would find revenues elsewhere instead of whacking medicare and social security benefits. I am all for the decision for drugs testing before benefits are paid out and would also like to see a time limit for welfare that can be extended with proper proof of attempting to find an income source other than the tax payerk
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Jerry Garris Posted 9 years ago
What is being done about undeserving entitlement programs to weed out the undeserving and or abusing factors ie someone whose getting welfare, living in section 8 housing, getting food stamps , and abusing all the above. Case in point Irented to a hud resident; single mother with 3 children and pregnant with a fourth--no father present. Destroyed my house and was given a larger house again like new same as mine.
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Congressman Vernon Buchanan Posted 10 years ago
Rep. Vern Buchanan Calls For Tax Code Simplification For Small Business

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Congressman Vernon Buchanan Posted 10 years ago
Rep. Buchanan Speaking Against Pay Raise For Congress

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