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Congressman Trey Gowdy (R)
Location: South Carolina (4th district)
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://gowdy.house.gov/
Rating: 93%
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Carol Coring Posted 5 years ago
I would like to know why Congress has allowed an unqualified, illegal person to be and remain President of these United States for over 6 years while he has written law without input from the Legislative branch of gov't? And allowed him to overturn the Constitution of the United States in every way possible with very little criticism from Congress and no action to impeach much less have him meet the firing squad for treason? Thanks to you guys it is going to be nigh to impossible for a Constitutional President to reverse everything he's done much less take care of new business.
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Timothy Gill Posted 5 years ago
When are you going to throw in your hat for POTUS? America needs you!
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Mary Vaughn Posted 5 years ago
Congressman Gowdy we are with you. Please keep up the pressure! You have no idea how many "we the people" are out here and praying that you and a handful of other true patriots in the congress will save this nation. Don't back down, don't let them get away with this. We are counting on you!
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Judith Pierorazio Posted 5 years ago
The best part of my day is watching you interrogating OUR employees on the oversight committees. I'd sit and watch you interrogate witnesses all day everyday! I get so excited that somebody is standing up for us. I know you will never shut up, never fail to get outraged, never fail to stand up for America! You're our HERO!
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John Chapman Posted 5 years ago
Sir, I for one have to say you candor is refreshing indeed! I'm not in your district of representation, but I feel you are just the man to act upon this article in relation to the border crisis http://conservativetribune.com/obama-to-illegal-im-on-your-side/
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Foreign Policy
Peter Salinas Posted 5 years ago
Members of the Obama Administration, such as Secretary of State John Kerry, former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitner, and First Lady Michelle Obama have given divisive commencement addresses at colleges and high school (Michelle Obama) intended to increase the levels of racial animus towards white people and class envy of rich white people - even though Obama's primary funders and crony capitalists are all rich white people. This is a dangerous and desperate ploy to sabotage your investigation.

Do you have the power to charge people with obstruction of justice?"
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TellDC Team Posted 9 years ago
Congressman, welcome to TellDC. We look forward to connecting you to all of your Constituents in South Carolina through ongoing and meaningful debates over the issues facing South Carolina's 4th District and the Country.
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