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Congressman Tom Emmer (R)
Location: Minnesota (6th district)
Affiliation: Republican
Rating: 87%
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Floyd Hanson Posted 8 years ago
This was sent to the @ MN Senators
There are a collection of Minnesotan's who will watching with great interest your vote on the UN treaty resolution ( possible being Signed by Sec. of State Clinton) presented to the UN this next week concerning the Small arms control resoltution. Should you vote to put a treaty ahead of our 2'nd ammendment rights we will do everything in our power to rally for your defeat this next election.

The ratification of this proposal will be a direct violation of your oath of office to uphold the Constitution.
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Fiscal Responsibility
Senior Citizen Posted 8 years ago
What is the basis of the funding of the 'green' projects going 'red'? Is there a trust fund to fund the waste of money? Shouldn't Federal Loan Guarantees be financed by a surcharge to reduce risk to the American Taxpayers?
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Shirley Marten Posted 8 years ago
I was with you on immigration, But your Fox News statements today upset me. Iowa law has ok'd same sex marraige, and I favor it even though married to a man. Relationships have evolved.. Marital discord can and does make you shy away from traditional values. Domestic and physical abuse is the culprit. You can't change that. Get with it in the 21st century. Things change, if you can't go with the flow, I can't support you. Sorry.
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Mary Vaughn Posted 7 years ago
If you want to go with the flow then God help us!! The flow doesn't seem to be going so well! It takes courage to keep this nation great....we need more of it!
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Fiscal Responsibility
Ross Willson Posted 8 years ago
Do not vote in Favor of Obama's Jobs bill just more Stimulus spending in a new box..reading the Table of Contents of the bill it appears there are a lot of regulations going into the control of Internet and Broadband access.End the EPA allow us to drill for our own oil
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Ross Willson Posted 8 years ago
I would like you start an investigation concerning Eric Holder's competency to hold the position of Attorney General of the United States.
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Fiscal Responsibility
Ramona Beasley Posted 9 years ago
I hope you'll be present for this vote, it's pretty important.
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Fiscal Responsibility
Senior Citizen Posted 9 years ago
Bill O'Riley overshouted/downshouted you on the debt ceiling. He didn't want you to get your position said. Don't you think it time you stopped going on his show? BTW: You are correct on paying out bills. The Secr of the Treasury is a typical politician saying that we can't pay all out obligations - that's true if we keep spending. What's not true is that we can't pay the debt (interest and principle). The best way to hide a lie is to place it between two truths.
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anokacountytornado Posted 9 years ago
Thank you for doing such a great job of representing the 6th District in MN and working on behalf of conservatives everywhere.
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Lisa Coppedge Posted 9 years ago
Once a presidential term ends (any Political term) So does their yearly income.
Also, no more security for EX political figures. Once UR term ends.....get a job like the rest of us!
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Edward Begley, Jr. Posted 9 years ago
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, what have you done to lessen our dependence on foreign oil?

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Ross Willson Posted 9 years ago
It is a "fake" dependence the actual numbers reflect we only use 15% - 20% of "imported Middle Eastern" oil, what we really need to focus on is ending the oil speculation on the stock market, buying / supporting from the smaller AMERICAN oil companies, creating more "green sources" for power (am I old but what ever happened to HYDRO ELECTRIC POWER?? oh I know the EPA worried about little fish) Open up more refineries
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