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Congressman Tim Walberg (R)
Location: Michigan (7th district)
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://bioguide.congress.gov/...
Rating: 86%
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chrisabs Posted 6 years ago
I hate the fact that the Democrats are claiming that the Republicans have declared a "War on Women". You are a Republican and serve in Congress, do you think this is true?
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Gary Thompson Posted 6 years ago
Suggestion: hit them with http://www.amazon.com/Assault-Flattery-Truth-About-Their/dp/1476749604.
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Patrick Norton Posted 6 years ago
Males have declared war on females ever since Adam blamed Eve in the Bible. Democrats more then Republicans with the guise of abortion being a "women's right of choice" leaving males totally unaccountable for the act of infant sacrifices. Wasn't a republican who demanded all women's center, domestic violence shelters, rape crisis counselors, make room for LGBT groups or loose all funding. Forcing women to comply to males sex worship society where sex is a human right and not a gift.
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Congressman Tim Walberg Posted 6 years ago
VIDEO: Rep. Walberg responds to TellDC user Chris's question about the claim by democrat party members that the republicans are waging a war on women.

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Mike Smith Posted 6 years ago
An editorial written by Eric Schmidt from Google had two very important observations about his 2010 trip to Davos.

First he said, “we heard real and widespread concerns about the direction of the American economy and, for the first time, the danger of stalemate in our political system."

He stated, "Access to knowledge has been democratized beyond imagination allowing the powerful to be held more easily to account."

These two statements about how the system works and the future of how the "powerful" will be held accountable call on us as citizens to demand access and interaction with Government leadership.

Will you as a Member of Congress open the process of your agenda and actions to the American people? You talk about bi-partisanship and how it isn’t working.

It is inconceivable that 300+ million people can be in such a mess caused by 535 Congressional Members who spend most of their time blaming the President and Congress (which is really themselves) for the current situation.

THIS PART IS FOR THE DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY: You have had the super-majority for over a year and things have not gotten better! If you want it fixed, fix it! If you want a bill enacted, enact it. If you want to stop deficits, stop them! If you want solutions make them. Do not wait for the almighty leadership of the President to set a policy that you don’t have the courage to enact with your power. If you believe in the program do it. Then on the other hand, if you don’t support something throw it out and move ahead with a better solution.

Eric Schmidt is a very smart man. He knows statistics and can see the direction that America is headed. It may be up to the head of Google and us, the 300+ million people to fix. Accountability is coming in the very near future and the only way that Congressional Members will be able to protect their jobs and rebuild the trust of the people is to start solving problems.

Will you invite input from typical Americans with great ideas to participate in open discussion on forums like this (that you or your staffs is not moderating) and start to earn back the trust of people like me?
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Kristy Smeltzer Posted 6 years ago
I agree with this post. In the old days it was a pretty normal thing to know your neighbor, know who your local elected officials are and know who your representative in Washington DC is.

Times have changed but those simple connections should not. There's no excuse for us not to know and interact. Even if Congress and the President are not fixing the problems, we shouldn't just sit around an complain about it. I invited my friends to join this site and they are asking their representatives questions. With enough people watching and willing to act we can fix our Country.
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Congressman Tim Walberg Posted 9 years ago
Walberg's Reaction to Prime Minister Netanyahu's Speech
(5/24/11) - Congressman Walberg reinforced the importance of a strong friendship with the State of Israel.

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