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Congressman Ted Poe (R)
Location: Texas (2nd district)
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://poe.house.gov/
Rating: 73%
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Foreign Policy
Mark Yoder Posted 5 years ago
What do you think leaders of other nations, both allies and potential enemies feel about America leadership related to foreign policy?
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Congressman Ted Poe Posted 5 years ago
VIDEO: Rep. Ted Poe responds to Mark's question about how America is viewed by foreign leaders.

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Fiscal Responsibility
AlexaS Posted 5 years ago
It seems to me the legal system and courts are out of control. What do you think should be done to fix it?
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Congressman Ted Poe Posted 5 years ago
VIDEO RESPONSE: Rep. Ted Poe tells Alexa what needs done to fix the legal/court system here in the US.

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Congressman Ted Poe Posted 6 years ago
Congressman Poe responds to Emily Miller

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Tom Hensley Posted 6 years ago
Beyond repealing Obamacare- what can GOP do to drive healthcare prices down?
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Thomas Tucker Posted 6 years ago
The simple answer = reform medical tort law.
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Congressman Ted Poe Posted 6 years ago
VIDEO: Congressman Poe talks about how to bring down healthcare costs.

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Fiscal Responsibility
Ross Willson Posted 7 years ago
As a Member of the Tea Party Caucus I will expect you to stand up to Obama and the Democrats. Do not raise the Debt Ceiling force them to present a Budget with a minimum of 4 - 6 TRILLION dollars in cuts!
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John Manser Posted 9 years ago
I read in the news today that there is a possibility that the "detainees" (Terrorists) will be brought into the Continental United States when Guantanamo Bay is closed. I won't get into how I feel about the closing but I do want a promise from you. Will you promise me that if the Guantanamo inmates are imported to these United States they will not step foot in Texas but will go to that corrupt State of Illinois where the crooks and political con-men should make them feel right at home!
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Joan Posted 9 years ago
Congressman, You are a leader now please lead. I saw today the debt level was raised to $1.4+ TRILLION! You know if this continues one more day the end for America being a place to live free will come.

I can tell you what America wants right now. America want you and the rest of the Leaders elected to serve in Washington DC to fight hard and fight now for our Country. I don't care if it takes you doing a sit-in to block more terrible bills. What will it take to get action? The hardest times we have faced as a Nation resulted in our greatest victories. We are in a war now to save our Country. No more diplomatic conversations about how the Democrats are causing these problems. No more blame.

If the Republicans want to capture middle Americans and gain back Congress then serve and protect middle Americans. Sir you may need to scream it, or throw something or do anything loud enough and bold enough to start the charge of angry, fighting mad good Americans.

I propose you make a list of the wrongs promoted by the current leaders and post them for those of us willing to follow you into the battle to save America. I assure you there are millions of us ready to band behind and with a leader that's mad enough and strong enough to fight!
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John Manser Posted 10 years ago
I have a question about the Terrorist being tried in New York City and think it's just plain DUMB! I listened to Senator Diane Feinstein on Meet the Press and she said it would show the world the American Justice system works. This is so wrong. This is a no-win deal because if he is convicted, the people who hate America will say it's fixed. If he wins he will not be released. Can you do anything to please stop this waste of time and more hard earned American Tax payer money.
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Avalon Posted 10 years ago
Congressman, Do you have any knoledge about the "peace department" proposal that is being considered in Washington DC? I am a total supporter and hope you are too!
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Kristy Smeltzer Posted 10 years ago
Most Americans like me, don’t trust government. Personally I don’t think it can’t be blamed on one party or President. I am really tired of watching the blame and fighting going on in Washington.

What do you propose the best way to build back the trust of Americans for leaders like you?
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