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Margaret Brown Posted 2 years ago
What do you think about social cases like abortion and death penalty? Do you agree with them or rather deny them? It's a very sensitive case!
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Bobby Shelton Posted 2 years ago
I want to know more about your thoughts connected with poor people. What would you do to help them? It is really important!
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Health Care
jhonos born Posted 2 years ago
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Fiscal Responsibility
Ross Willson Posted 5 years ago
Congressman Bachus,
Consider your choices carefully..Read Articles of Impeachment
#recallCongress bring them up on Charges for failure to perform their #FiduciaryDuty the violation is considered to be a #HighCrimesandMisdemeanors
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Donald Mather sr Posted 5 years ago
Why cant congress BYPASS President ( as he does them} such as he is always on CAMPAIGM . That 747 and all people cists Over a million to go Wash to NY. ????
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Michelle Nelson Posted 5 years ago
So let's propose this - cut all the Presidential (and first lady) travel out and I think at least 90-100 Million dollars would be saved just with this one act. Not a bad start to reducing spending.
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James Cooksey Posted 6 years ago
This may very well be why Obama won the key states:
See what you can do to get the ball rolling on this:
I think Congress should form a 10,000 member team to verify EVERY vote that was cast in the last election. The simplest way would be to broadcast that anyone that had lied on the voter registration that came forward and confessed, would be granted amnesty in the third degree felony. If they do not come forward, they will be prosecuted if found.
Please respond!
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Ross Willson Posted 6 years ago
Dear Spencer,
Propose the 28th Amendment, stating that Congress will be compensated the AVERAGE income of their constituency. Pay Federal taxes at the same rates as their constituency. Receive the same Health care as their constituency, be able to receive a pension based on a 30 year career in a real world profession not based on terms served in Congress. Members of Congress will be excluded from accepting any position within a lobbyist / Special Interest, or Government employment no less than 10 years after End Term of Service in Congress
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Michael Martin Posted 6 years ago
Will you vote for term limits?
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Open Government
Randy Brinson Posted 6 years ago

In the past decade we have seen the approval rating and trust for Government officials decline to the lowest historical levels ever recorded.

Don't you feel it's time to utilize technology to heal the divide between elected officials and the their constituents!

What means do you employ daily to connect with the people of your district and how do you feel you could improve this important trust-building service?
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Open Government
chrisabs Posted 8 years ago
Congressman, I look forward to you taking part in the discussions here at TellDC.com. I have seen the gap between elected officials and the people of the State of Alabama grow wider and it's a good sign to see you are here and willing to carry on a dialog with the people.
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