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Congressman Raul Grijalva (D)
Location: Arizona (3rd district)
Affiliation: Democrat
Website: http://grijalva.house.gov/
Rating: 65%
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Congressman Raul Grijalva Posted 7 years ago
Rep. Raul M. Grijalva welcomes voters to TellDC and encourages them to ask questions.

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Carla Doggett Posted 7 years ago
What are your views on term limits for the Senate and the House?
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Edpig Posted 7 years ago
Since the USA has an existing immigration policy that works very well, why is the Obama administration trying to change it? Since illegal aliens have a high level of crime wouldn't a policy of rapid and streamlined deportation be the best solution. We need legal immigrants but not criminals.
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E B Posted 8 years ago
How does your oath to protect the constitution from enemies foreign & domestic square with the fact that you are co-chair of the socialist party of america? I have provided the link for you and your constituants as proof. http://thespeechatimeforchoosing.wordpress.com/2010/08/15/socialist-party-of-america-releases-the-names-of-70-democrat-members-of-congress-who-are-members-of-their-caucus/
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Foreign Policy
John Manser Posted 9 years ago
I support your effort and call to immediately end the senseless wars we are conducting in Iraq and Afghanistan! I typically wouldn't support your opinions on policy because I am a conservative but on this issue I can't see any connection between the extending of these war efforts and our national security. It is not a football game watching who will win, it's sacrificing our Patriotic soldiers and costing us over $100 Billion per year. I commend you on standing up for your beliefs on this issue and I only want to know, how can I help?
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Nancy Bracken Posted 9 years ago
Pleas, Please, bring home our troops! It is a never ending battle over there, and our Troops need to come home.. We need them here for our borders, and the good of the American people. This stupid war is killing the best of the best, and leaving our economy in shambles. I pray that congress will get off of their lazy asses and really do something for a change... not obamas change either.
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Jerry Black Posted 9 years ago
Put our troops on OUR Borders, Protect OUR Homeland
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Joan Posted 9 years ago
I lost a grandson in Afghanistan. I will never recover from that loss and hope that this effort ends tomorrow. As I try to rationalize a solution and a good conclusion to the war, I cannot find one. 2014 or any year, war historically has never solved much. I pray our world matures and finds a way to live in peace.
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Congressman Raul Grijalva Posted 9 years ago
Rep. Grijalva recently introduced his Border Infrastructure and Jobs Act to reduce border wait times, create more job opportunities and increase commerce nationwide.

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Irene Alarcon Posted 9 years ago
I saw the movie precious knowledge and you were in it promoting Illegal immigration. You have done nothing for the state of Arizona. You haven't created any jobs. But when you are out there you always campaign "oh I will create jobs" just so the ignorant Hispanic will vote for you. I also have seen you break the law here in Tucson. I saw you at Las Cazuelitas on 4th and 22nd you had two shots of hornitios and a huge margarita and then you got into you car after you got your order and drove away. I heard now you are calling law enforcement to pick you up and drive you home on my tax dollars.
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Jerry SanchezI Posted 9 years ago
What have you done about the BATFE scandle and cover up that has taken place in our state? This is an outrage and people need to be brought up on charges and justice served. Why have we not heard from you on this? Or does this hurt your agenda and that's why your quit?
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Michael Shawley Posted 9 years ago
what are you doing to help secure the Arizona border and remove all illegal aliens from our country?? and i am not talking about immigrants who have come to this country legally. i welcome all people here as long as they come legally.
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Senior Citizen Posted 9 years ago
Blame the T-Party for continuing to hire the illegals below the going rates. Truth is Obama is trying to make political capital on the backs of the illegals. Shame on you for not standing tall to stop the mistreatment of these folks.
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Francis Sacco Posted 9 years ago
How will you help enforce Federal Law in a lawless region so drug dealers don't blow off the heads of US citizens? Oh, I asked that wrong, are you prepared to sue the justice department?
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Mike Smith Posted 10 years ago
How will you protect me from additional costs for the healthcare reform that might cost me my job or more for coverage monthly? Can you promise me you have read the bill and understand what it will do over the next few years or longer?
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