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Congressman Randy Weber (R)
Location: Texas (14th district)
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://weber.house.gov/
Rating: 88%
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Eric Roberts Posted 6 years ago
It's only politics that is preventing the legalization of marijuana. Our Country needs additional revenue sources so let's legalize it.

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james newsom Posted 6 years ago
Everyone is worried about being politically correct... it will make dollars so it must make sense
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Lonnie Widler Posted 6 years ago
I agree that marijuana needs to be legalized, not because it would generate revenue but because government has no right to tell American citizens what we can do behind closed doors. Drug prohibition has nothing to do with protecting us from the evils of drugs and everything to do with controlling us. Legalization, even if it wasn't taxed to provide revenue, would save us the billions of dollars we spend fighting a drug war we can't win, not to mention the fact that it would do more to curb cartel violence than anything else we could possibly do, and make it less accessible to kids.
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Michael Littlejohn Posted 6 years ago
Lets play sterotypes.

How many "Pot heads" Do you see doing nothing with there lives? Doing nothing but wasting time and smoking? How many "pot heads" do you see failing classes, getting in trouble for non marijuana affiliated charges?

The answer is a lot more than non-smokers. It is a stepping stone drug, and should not be legalized.
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Tammie SargentHanthorn Posted 6 years ago
What Rep. Paul is saying is that it SHOULD NOT be up to the fed. govt. Alcohol is a gateway drug as well and we all know about prohibition. I don't advocate smoking pot but it isn't a federal problem. He is showing us how to shrink fed. govt. by putting the laws in the hands of the states and "The People". At the state level the people vote on what we want legal or not rather than the govt. ramming thru what they think is "best" for us. Wake up and look around, they are taking our freedoms & here is a man who isn't like all of the other politicians. Thank you Rep. Paul for standing up!
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Priscilla Ragsdale Posted 6 years ago
My druggy neighbors, pushing drugs, stealing & selling here in the neighborhood,because unable and unwilling to hold a job, are a sign that lawlessness in nations like U. S. and Mexico is not a good thing. President Abraham Lincoln ran on a platform to stop lawlessness. President George Washington and President James Madison said if Americaever stops being a moral nation, she will fall.
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Michele Angelucci Posted 6 years ago
You're right. Oil politics, pHARMa politics, law enforcement politics, and so much more is behind this. Legalize it already!
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Familyman Posted 6 years ago
Do you think that the large amount of children being held in various centers have any health risks posed to them?
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Congressman Randy Weber Posted 6 years ago
VIDEO: Rep. Randy Weber responds to the question about the health and safety of the children coming over the border.

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arthur kraft Posted 6 years ago
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Fiscal Responsibility
John Solomon Posted 6 years ago
Is the 1.4B in NY Medicaid waste, fraud, and abuse indicative of a general lack of concern on the part of government when they spend ‘other people’s money’?

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John Solomon Posted 8 years ago
Obama's job council is filled with CEOs who import cheap goods from China while criticizing Romney for outsourcing. Audacious hypocrisy or politics as usual?
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Michele Angelucci Posted 8 years ago
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Fiscal Responsibility
The Washington Times Posted 8 years ago
The Washington Times has written extensively on the Fed's conflicts of interests and you are credited with getting legislation passed to address that. What other areas still concern you about the Fed?
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