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Congressman Pat Meehan (R)
Location: Pennsylvania (7th district)
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://meehan.house.gov
Rating: 93%
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Energy & Environment
Michael Ward Posted 5 years ago
With Toyota developing a fuel cell tech that for the 1st time seems to be a true alternative to gasoline as the fuel for the avg vehicle, and their release of the tech to the public for free, what kind of talks are going on in the govt around ensuring that the infrastructure is in place to give America a real chance to move away from gasoline powered cars over the next decade? Has there been any discussion around how we can set an example for countries like China on how to make this transformation a reality?The private sector has done their part to meet the challenge will the govt do its part?
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Michael Ward Posted 5 years ago
My question was more around the government's plan to assist with the infrastructure required to take their full cell tech to the masses. Fueling station renovation subsidies? Tax breaks for consumers of such vehicles. Incentives for Ford, Chevy and other American auto makers to integrate the technology into their vehicles. Hydrogen fuel cells have been around for a while but in my opinion it is just now with the Toyota design that the technology is efficient enough to get out to the masses but that requires vital infrastructure to support the citizens that buy those vehicles.

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Lilla Wilk Posted 5 years ago
I know there are some firms working hard to develop fuel cell technology outside of Toyota and I have been tracking them for use in underdeveloped nations to provide the energy source for cleaning water, common community benefits and so many other things we take for granted here in the US. Do you have more insightful information or a provider for the technology that can help?
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Jay Kerr Posted 7 years ago
I would like to ask you a couple of questions Sir. Why are you not going to the media with your agenda? Please bring important topics to the general public, see how WE want you to vote. I want to hear from you, what YOU expect to accomplish in regards to our debt. I would love to be involved!
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