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Congressman Michael Burgess (R)
Location: Texas (26th district)
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://www.house.gov/burgess/
Rating: 81%
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kevin hoffman Posted 6 years ago
How can technology help our public education system?
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Congressman Michael Burgess Posted 6 years ago
VIDEO: Congressman Burgess responds to Kevin about the education system in America.

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George A. Posted 7 years ago
What negative effects do you see happening if online gambling is approved at the federal level?
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Congressman Michael Burgess Posted 6 years ago
VIDEO: Congressman Burgess responds to George's question about online gambling.

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Health Care
Randy Brinson Posted 7 years ago
As a fellow Doctor I have experienced both positive and negative aspects of our current health care system. Do you feel like I do that the real issue is over-utilization of the system?
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Roberto Novoa Posted 7 years ago
I would venture that the basic issue is lack of responsibility from patients to be responsible for their health, from physicians to educate patients and do what is truly necessary and from those who make a living out of bringing distrust between patients and physicians. The latter are health care plans, government, health care providers, consumers and let us not forget, lawyers. Simply put, the system fails everyone.
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Energy & Environment
John Solomon Posted 7 years ago
Per EnergyGuardian.com the DOE has been repeatedly warned about lax security around nuclear materials. How can we change this culture and prevent a disaster?

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Ross Willson Posted 7 years ago
Remember this is a Secretary of Energy who at last report doesn't own and car, uses the European model to restrict the American citizen's use of a vehicle by raising energy costs and apparently is in every Energy Lobbyist's pocket
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Congressman Michael Burgess Posted 9 years ago
The Affordable Care Act: An Unsustainable Program and the Consequences for the Nation\'s Deficit.\r\nThere are solutions we could tackle and solve this problem.

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John Manser Posted 10 years ago
I have a question about the Terrorist being tried in New York City and think it's just plain DUMB! I listened to Senator Diane Feinstein on Meet the Press and she said it would show the world the American Justice system works. This is so wrong. This is a no-win deal because if he is convicted, the people who hate America will say it's fixed. If he wins he will not be released. Can you do anything to please stop this waste of time and more hard earned American Tax payer money.
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