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Judith Katz Posted 3 years ago
Why doesn't anyone stop Obama. For 7 yrs, Congress has allowed him to do whatever he wants. We finally got control of the House & zilch, nothing!
We are very upset w/congress giving Obama carte blanche! He took an oath to protect our country & now he is invading our cuntry w/illegals. Who is going to pay for them? Us, taxpayers! What about our homeless vets? What about the christians being slaughtered in other countries. He won't allow them to come here. I don't hear a word about that from Congress.
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Brandi Osborne Posted 5 years ago
What are you actively doing to stop core curriculum for entering our state? I know there was a bill to postpone for more exploration.What is already known about this forced endoctrination of our children to socialist values along with how it was passed under the counter through a sketchy stimulus package shouldn't that be enough to fight this bill? Did any legislatures even look at this "core curriculum" before educators in our state signed up for stimulus? Isn't that in itself "illegal"? a lot of questions...a lot of secrecy.public needs a spokesman..Are you up for the challenge/fight
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Familyman Posted 5 years ago
I think the biggest problem is even the GOP leadership like Majority Leader Eric Cantor is suggesting the "Federal" government play a larger roll in education. Get government and unions out of the education system and it will immediately improve!
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