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Congressman Lamar Smith (R)
Location: Texas (21st district)
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://www.house.gov/lamarsmith/
Rating: 73%
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Congressman Lamar Smith Posted 5 years ago
EXCLUSIVE TELLDC VIDEO: Rep. Smith explains the process would prefer before deploying troops to combat ISIS and other foreign threats.

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Damian Borichevsky Posted 5 years ago
Hi Lamar-

It is baffling to me as a businessman that our government can be allowed to operate without passing an annual budget. How is that possible and is there any chance that this is changed?
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Congressman Lamar Smith Posted 5 years ago
VIDEO RESPONSE: Rep. Smith responds to Damian and explains what's going on in Washington DC.

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Wes Pruden Posted 6 years ago
President Obama seems to be using the immigration issue as a political tool for his reelection. Do you feel Congress should be the branch of government to decide this issue vs. President Obama using his executive powers?
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Mack Humphreys Posted 6 years ago
If the President wants to write laws he should quit his current job and run for congress. He has no constitutional authority to legislate from his current position.
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Rich Cottingham Posted 6 years ago
Stupid question. No elected official is *ever going to agree that any little bit of power should go to some other branch.
So you're just trolling.
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Burt Sr Posted 6 years ago
I don't think it's that stupid. Seems to me that their title "legislator" is what they do and when Obama writes and executive order to allow illegals to gain citizenship that's another attack on the process. There are fine laws already dealing with immigration they just are not being enforced. I'd like to hear Rep. Smith's response to this because if he wants to fix immigration, he should know how he wants to do it.
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Cal Thomas Posted 6 years ago
Obamacare was sold to the public based on misrepresentation. Now that it is beginning to become clear that it is nothing more than a recovery crushing tax, do you feel the voters will challenge big-tax, big-government candidates come Nov?
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Health Care
Mary Hackett Posted 6 years ago
My daughter qualifies for Medicaid but they refuse her based on the fact she had her tubes tied. Unless you are pregnant or can get pregnant you do not qualify for Medicaid in the State of Texas. My daughter is having some serious medical problems at this time and she has no insurance so something serious could happen to her. Why is this?
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Mack Humphreys Posted 6 years ago
Isnít it past time for us to quit calling them illegalís and start using traditional terms, instead of the dishonest PC labels? They are INVAIDERS, and are either economic criminals here for money and public services, or violent criminals here to do things that would be crimes even if done by citizens. The petty thief does his thing to improve his life, seeking a better life for self or family is not an acceptable reason for taking from others.
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Kathryn Lyons Posted 6 years ago
I believe a tax deduction should be put into place allowing every United States ciitizen here legally for paying into the resources that provide aid to illegal immigrants. I was floored where the news crew in Indiana discovered that billions of dollars in tax refunds are being given to illegal immigrants at an alarming rate! The refunds are not legal either!! Why hasn't this been brought to light! I believe every US citizen should see what's going on!!!
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Health Care
Dr. Ben Carson Posted 6 years ago
Is government control better than personal control of oneís health care?
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Congressman Lamar Smith Posted 6 years ago
VIDEO: Rep. Lamar Smith responds to Dr. Ben Carson about public vs. private management of health care.

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William LeFils Posted 9 years ago
Your Committee sponsored and passed HR 313; what are you thinking? Who is the conspiracy theorist now? Using conspiracy to convict US citizens for offenses that are not illegal in the countries where they are committed, while Wachovia and other banks launder drug money in this country? Explain yourself.
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Robert Strohrigl Posted 9 years ago
Why are you not giving HR 2306: the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011 a hearing? HR 2306 is sound public policy and deserves to be heard in committee.
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