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Congressman Ken Calvert (R)
Location: California (42nd district)
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://calvert.house.gov/
Rating: 96%
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Fiscal Responsibility
Geoff Grossman Posted 8 years ago
Save us from our inefficient, too costly government.

Let the people know the cost of each program and let us vote agency by agency whether to keep or close each agency. If voted out by 50%+1 or more the agency terminates; the tax payer receives the savings as a tax break if earning $250,000 or less per year.

This will right size government based on the will of the people.

Pensions should be cut to the average citizens post-retirement income level. No exceptions. That would be fair to those paying the cost of these over generous pensions.
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School 'Welfare'
tcdrums Posted 8 years ago
Congressman Calvert,

My wife is a teacher at a Santa Ana Elementary School. The low-income students were provided free lunches if the parent filled out a form stating their income. These forms were never verified. The other students were provided lunches for a small charge. Last year, the charge was eliminated. All students at the school now get free lunches. In addition, all students get free breakfasts. In addition to that, all students now get free vegetable snacks. (The kids don't eat many of the snacks, so boxes of them end up in the teachers lounge and then get thrown away) .

Besides the cost issues of feeding an entire school snacks and two meals a day, I'm also concerned with immigrants attitude and how they are being 'trained' to depend on the government for food and not bonding with the family at meal times.

Where do you stand on this issue?

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Kristy Smeltzer Posted 8 years ago
This is very insightful! I didn't know that the teachers were required to do this. I think it's terrible to see the way that the Government has pulled back the funding of our Education system to a level that basic nutrition is now the responsibility of the employees (teachers) in our schools. Can you imagine if a Congressman or Congresswoman needed to bring extra food to take care of their staff or better yet, their entire 650K plus constituents. I know they keep promising they are making things better but really, your comment tells what's really happening! Thanks TCDrums! I am totally agreeing with your post and I want an answer from our Congressman!
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Joan Posted 10 years ago
Congressman, You are a leader now please lead. I saw today the debt level was raised to $1.4+ TRILLION! You know if this continues one more day the end for America being a place to live free will come.

I can tell you what America wants right now. America want you and the rest of the Leaders elected to serve in Washington DC to fight hard and fight now for our Country. I don't care if it takes you doing a sit-in to block more terrible bills. What will it take to get action? The hardest times we have faced as a Nation resulted in our greatest victories. We are in a war now to save our Country. No more diplomatic conversations about how the Democrats are causing these problems. No more blame.

If the Republicans want to capture middle Americans and gain back Congress then serve and protect middle Americans. Sir you may need to scream it, or throw something or do anything loud enough and bold enough to start the charge of angry, fighting mad good Americans.

I propose you make a list of the wrongs promoted by the current leaders and post them for those of us willing to follow you into the battle to save America. I assure you there are millions of us ready to band behind and with a leader that's mad enough and strong enough to fight!
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Budget Deficit
Gene Begnell Posted 10 years ago
Congressman Calvert, You recently voted against the Unemployment Compensation Extension Act (July 22, 2010). I agree with your choice because I have people I know that are enjoying more income on extended unemployment than they made when they worked. Feels like a government pay-off to sit around not looking for a job (which none of them are)! It makes me sick that the government can reward these people of which a few make more than me even though I am working. Will you introduce a bill to do something about this soon? You need to make a stand agains the passive "live off the government" mentality that is being promoted by our current leadership. Will you do something about this?
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