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Congressman Keith Ellison (D)
Location: Minnesota (5th district)
Affiliation: Democrat
Website: http://ellison.house.gov/
Rating: 70%
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Fiscal Responsibility
Sandra Jenkins Posted 6 years ago
I saw your exchange with Hannity about the debt and sequester and was hoping you had more time to explain your ideas. Can you tell me what is really going on and what needs to be done to fix this problem. Thank you!
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Peter Halvorson Posted 6 years ago
Way to go Congressman standing up to Hannity and foxnews!
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Mikey Posted 6 years ago
Nothing is going to get done in congress!!! They spend all of their time talking about how someone else caused the problem and haven't figured out they are the ones that need to solve them. Blame is not a solution. My hope is they figure out how to find some soon!!!
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Mary Vaughn Posted 7 years ago
If your appearance on Hannity last night was an indication of how you always conduct your business...I finally know why congress never gets anything done. You sir were a bully and certainly not interested in being the bigger person. We need better than this!
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Jackie Tyson Posted 7 years ago
Can you all imagine what that would have looked like if a Republican tried to talk like that to Rachel Maddow on her show? Cat claws out and she would be talking about it for months.
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Don Aames Posted 7 years ago
Yep - anger, bad messages and spewing out the same say nothing things we hear from most of them. Isn't there one person in Congress that will stand up, be honest with Americans and tell us the truth? Sadly so far I haven't seen one for the last 20+ years...
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Fiscal Responsibility
Joe Chancellor Posted 9 years ago
What are you going to do to deal with massive federal deficits?
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Ross Willson Posted 9 years ago
Open question.. Can we get an explanation as to why a Steel Mill project on the "Iron Range" in MN has to wait for a delivery of steel from INDIA? I would much rather have a small steel mill in AMERICA (duh) get the contract as opposed to overseas providers of manufactured goods which take JOBS!!! away from our CITIZENS!
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Congressman Keith Ellison Posted 10 years ago
Rep. Keith Ellison on the Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights

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