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Congressman John Shimkus (R)
Location: Illinois (15th district)
Affiliation: Republican
Rating: 88%
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Homeland Security
Linda Brown Posted 5 years ago
Do you feel ISIS and other Islamic extremist groups pose a threat to us here in the homeland of the United States?
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Congressman John Shimkus Posted 5 years ago
VIDEO RESPONSE: Rep. Shimkus responds to the question about ISIS and others being a threat to to the homeland of the US.

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Gerardo Gonzales Posted 5 years ago
Do you think you are putting enough energy into creating new jobs for our community? I know I have seen President Obama say that the "slide of losing jobs has slowed" but many of my friends are out of work and have given up on trying to find a job. So my question is:

What favorable benefits have you been able to deliver to small businesses in the past year to help create JOBS?
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art jones Posted 5 years ago
Why can't the govt. learn something from history for a change and implement another Civilian Conservation Corps ala' 1933 with a focus on infrastructure improvements? There is no valid reason not to print more money to pay them with and thereby, really put people back to work. It's all "funny money" anyway, but what we can't back up with gold, we can back up with property.
We need change alright; and we need it damn quick. Common sense needs to prevail before we reach a calamity.
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